Punani Papi Always Keeps its Real

Punani Papi Always Keeps its Real

Punani Papi Always Keeps its Real


Real Recognize Real

Fast paced and exciting doesn’t even begin to describe “Real Recognize Real”. This song departs from the traditional format of a hip hop song and is experimental throughout the bridge then comes back with the catchy chorus. You’ll be singing “Real Recognize Real” non-stop after hearing this banger. The vibe of this song is intense and solidifies Punani Papi as a legitimate threat to his competition. The appeal of this song is straight up gangster and we love it.


Latin and hip hop are perfectly fused together in the song “Groovey”. At this point, we expect excellence from Punani Papi and he doesn’t disappoint. The fact that this song is only 2 minutes and 56 seconds isn’t enough. We really enjoyed “Groovey” because of the relaxed chill and upbeat vibe. Also, “Groovey” shows Punani Papi’s romantic and sexy side. You can’t have a name like Punani Papi without actually getting the Punani.

“Groovey” proves that Punani Papi is a versatile artist who can slow it down, speed it up, and deliver at just the right time. Listening to Punani Papi is a pleasurable experience that one should try for themselves. That is why we will post all his social media links and videos for you to check out for yourself.

Interview with Punani Papi

After hearing Punani Papi’s music, we realized that we needed to get his take on music, life, love, and his art. That is why we reached out to Punani Papi for an interview. He agreed to be interviewed.

We will post a link here to our INTERVIEW WITH PUNANI PAPI

Punani Papi Interview | Rock the Hip Hop | Blog




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