Tarah Who? Drops Powerful Track and Music Video for “The Showdown”

Tarah Who? Drops Powerful Track and Music Video for “The Showdown”

Tarah Who?

Tarah Who? is an up-and-coming band within the progressive punk/grunge genre that has just released a music video for their latest powerful track, “The Showdown.”

The Showdown

The song was made available on the 23rd of January 2023 through M & O Music.

The upbeat tempo, catchy melody, and thought-provoking lyrics of this track convey a message of resilience and self-belief.

It will deeply resonate with artists who have experienced the music industry’s challenges.

Never Give Up on Your Dreams

Tarah uses this song to urge independent musicians to persevere through any obstacles they may encounter, delivering an empowering message that is certain to inspire and motivate all who listen.

Who is Tarah Carpenter?

Tarah Who? is led by Tarah Carpenter and has been featured in stories by various outlets, including Rolling Stone France, Voici, and Tatouage Magazine.

The band’s sound seamlessly melds assertive lyrics with unyielding instrumentation, and their live shows are a testament to their dedication and enthusiasm for their craft.

The Collaboration Project

With the forthcoming release of their full-length album, “The Collaboration Project,” on 28 April 2023, Tarah Who? is poised to make an impact in the punk-rock scene and beyond.

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