The Rolling Stones Concert Tickets

The Rolling Stones Concert Tickets

The Rolling Stones Concert Tickets

The Rolling Stones Concert Tickets

The Rolling Stones are one of the greatest rock bands of all time. They are one of the last living legends from the 60s who are still touring with almost all of their original members. RIP Charlie Watts. Seeing the Rolling Stones is a throwback for anyone who was born in that era and they have transcended to legends.

Rolling Stones at Hard Rock Live

The Rolling Stones Concert tickets have always been expensive, but the Hard Rock Live is setting a new precedent with prices now starting at over $1,200. The tickets for the Hollywood, Fl concert were advertised as starting at $281 and now the prices have been raised 5 times what they are worth.


Ticketmaster Fluctuating Demand for concert tickets

Ticketmaster has a fluctuating demand clause for their tickets. Ticketmaster advertises their tickets as platinum tickets.

Ticketmaster Prices
Ticketmaster Fluctuating Demand for Concert Tickets

Platinum tickets are tickets that are dynamically priced up and down based on demand.

Ticketmaster is creating a false demand for the Rolling Stones concert tickets to see who is willing to pay exorbitant amounts to see Mick Jagger shake his hips.

The Rolling Stones in Hollywood, Fl

The Rolling Stones will be playing at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Fl on November 23, 2021, and if the prices stay at what they are now then only millionaires will be able to go to the show. Who can afford $1,300 for a bad seat? Come on.

Ticketmaster Waiting List

There is a Ticketmaster waiting list for the Rolling Stones concert and it is ridiculous. Every time I try to check for the Rolling Stones concert tickets, there is only one person in front of me waiting. There doesn’t need to be a queue when only one other person is searching for tickets.

Ticketmaster Waiting List
Ticketmaster Waiting List

Ticketmaster is Opening Up Different Seats Periodically

Throughout the day, I was checking for the Rolling Stones concert tickets and different seats kept opening up throughout the day. There was no “real demand” because I’m sure most people saw the prices for this concert and left. Average people can’t afford this concert. Honestly, who can afford $1,300 for a concert? Do the Rolling Stones only want to play to millionaires? What’s worse is false advertising.

False Advertising for ticket prices

For weeks, different publications, magazines, and the Hard Rock have been advertising the Rolling Stones concert. In Rolling Stones Magazine, they advertised the ticket prices like $281 to $1000 along with the official website for the Hard Rock live, yet those prices never hit the market. As soon as they started selling concert tickets, Ticketmaster bumped the price immediately to over $1,000 for the worst seats.

Rolling Stones Magazine
Rolling Stones Magazine

Hard Rock Live

Concerts at Hard Rock Live are always overpriced. Guns n Roses played recently and the tickets started at $280 which is normal for that venue. At least, the prices for that concert were priced at what was advertised. For the Rolling Stones concert, fans never had a chance to get the prices that were advertised. Instead, Ticketmaster immediately decided to bump up the price over 5 times their worth.

The Rolling Stones are playing at the Hard Rock Live

Honestly, I would just love answers to this because it is messed up that one company has a monopoly on concert ticket sales and this is how they operate their business. At the end of the day, a concert is a luxury and not a necessity but having one company that controls ticket sales is a problem if they really are creating false demand to raise the prices for the Rolling Stones concert.

As I said, this isn’t a fact, but my theory and I just want answers and THE ROLLING STONES CONCERT TICKETS.



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