Tony Mon Interview and P.O.P Release

Tony Mon Interview and P.O.P Release

Tony Mon Interview and P.O.P Release

Tony Mon is about to hit the scene hard with his newest release called “P.O.P”. Melodic sounds and catchy beats are only the beginning.

We are excited to release our interview with Tony Mon about his background and what is to come. Here is our interview with Tony Mon…


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Tony Mon Interview with Rock the Hip Hop

What city are you from?


How has your city influenced your sound?

I really can’t say my city influenced my sound honestly the things I have seen and also the things I have been through growing up losing close friends to the streets of ATLANTA and also my mother rest her soul has influenced my music a lot from her waking us up early with music that she loved to her big CD COLLECTION OF VARIOUS ARTIST FROM TUPAC JAYZ TO TRACY CHAPMAN MARIAH CAREY AND THE LIST GOES ON

Tell us about your best performance.

I would say my best performance was my first performance ever “ I remember it like yesterday the club was so packed with people they tried to shut down the venue so when it was time for me to perform the security told ME “get off stage we shutting it down” I didn’t have no idea what I was doing the music was cut completely off security was trying to get an upset crowd to leave I then took the mic and said “ I don’t need no music I’ll do this acapella !!! I started saying the hook on the mic 2 secs later the whole crowd/club was jumping up and down repeating everything I was saying n sync lol I think they were jumping so much the floor almost caved in my bro was beside me he looked at me and said I can’t believe it your a real rapper we both smiled the security grabbed me off stage I could’ve sued ha ha but it’s cool lol BEST TIME OF MY LIFE NEVER FORGET THAT MOMENT

Talk about your latest project.

I’m releasing “P.O.P” on 11/25. My latest project The Book of Sauxery it’s a real vibe of melodic sounds that you can listen to from beginning to end .. I’ll let you listen and let you get back to me on what song you like….This album is the beginning of SauxeryGod evolving

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Legendary status I should have Grammys as well as numerous number 1 to top 10 songs in the world

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