Are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett the modern day Ross and Rachel?

Are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett the modern day Ross and Rachel?

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

Are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith the modern day Ross and Rachel? YES! Friends was one of the biggest shows in the 90s. One of the famous story lines that comes that propelled the love saga between Ross and Rachel was the concept of infidelity on a break. People on both sides were divided. If you are on a break: is it cheating?

Did Jada Pinkett Smith Cheat on Will Smith?

No, Jada Pinkett Smith did not cheat on Will Smith. The definition of cheating is defrauding or swindling someone. That means that the person who is being cheated on is unaware that their partner is with someone else. Will Smith knew that Jada Pinkett was with August Alsina. He was aware that they were both in a relationship. In fact, Smith gave his permission to Alsina to date his wife.

Open Relationships

Different strokes, for different folks. Many people find great happiness in sharing their partner. People get bored easily in sexual relationships. There are many people who want to explore other people sexually but still be in a committed relationship. When you are with someone for years, things can get stale. Sex becomes monotonous after years of being with the same partner. Also, sex is the keystone for many people’s relationships. There are people who jump into relationships with people who they are not compatible with just because the sex is so addictive. Eventually it all wears off.

Marriages require work

When two people meet and they really connect, then the passion becomes overwhelming. The sex is bliss and the good times seem endless. After a while, the idea of marriage pops up and then you are married. Next, comes the baby. Eventually, another baby comes and then what? The love starts to fade if you aren’t working at it. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are mega celebrities. Their jobs require them to travel and spend a lot of time apart. Another factor is that both of them are constantly being tempted by younger and more attractive mates. Human beings are flawed by design and temptation becomes too strong for most people to resist. When you are bored in your relationship and something new/more exciting comes along, a lot of people jump at the offer.

Enter August Alsina

August Alsina is a smooth talking, sweet soul singer, with a pretty face and nice body. He is the type of man that most women swoon for. Talent, success, and good looks is the perfect equation to get practically any woman you want. Jada Pinkett Smith had hit a wall in her relationship and she fell into temptation. She entered into a relationship with a younger man that helped her to fulfill something that she was missing. Will Smith was okay with all of this and even agreed to the relationship.

Strength or Weakness?

It takes a strong man to let go of the woman they love. Recently, I had to let go of someone who I loved dearly, but they did not appreciate me. They took advantage of my love, so I had to let them go. It hurts to let go of someone you love, but if they really love you, they will come back. You have to let go of the ones you love. Too many people try to cling to dead relationships when the love and passion has dissolved. Will Smith was man enough to let go of Jada Pinkett and support her. I’m sure he struggled with it mentally and he too probably fell into temptation with other women. Their love was so strong that they came back to each other. Right now, they probably have more appreciation for each other than they did before because they were able to let go.

Letting Go

August Alsina needs to let go as well. He seems very hurt by his relationship with Jada because he fell in love. When you go into a relationship with a married person, it will never end well. Your feelings will always get destroyed. Sometimes people go into these relationships with the expectations that it will just be for fun. Fun can turn to love. This has happened to me many times. I’ve gone into relationships where I thought we would just be having fun but it led to something else: LOVE. Love is the worst drug that I’ve ever experienced.

Ross and Rachel

Ross and Rachel are fictional characters that went on and up and down roller coaster romance. Ross and Rachel were dating. Then they broke up. When they broke up, Ross had sex with another woman. When Rachel found out, she didn’t want to take him back because she considered it cheating. Many people debated this topic back in the 90s. Some people considered it cheated and others didn’t. This kind of reminds me of the situation between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.



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