Xander Wayne Interview

Xander Wayne Interview

Xander Wayne Interview

The Shiba Strut

“The Shiba Strut” is a funky techno masterpiece that offers us a taste of what Xander Wayne is really about. Exploding on the scene with tracks like “Right Back” and “She’s a Freak”, Xander Wayne knows how to make music that is sweet, soulful, and heartfelt. The crypto and NFT themes in his music are really relevant to today’s climate. We reached out to Xander Wayne for an interview and luckily he agree.

Xander Wayne Rock the Hip Hop Interview

What city are you from?

I am from “The Northside” of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

How has your city influenced your sound?

The city has influenced my sound in as if i found ways to be more diverse because my city doesn’t have a particular sound. Each individual in my city is so different in their own way especially since there aren’t many people in my city who are actually from here. It’s a melting pot of diversity which is reflected in my sound which allows to me to move through subgenres and subgeneres with my artisty such ways as to not be afraid of experimentation and to really go for a more indie sound whilst at the same time having enough of my own energy and presence to even make my sound one of a kind even on a mainstream indie pop level

Tell us about your best performance?

My Best Performance has been more virtually actually. I Fell into the Crypto Currencies Community and took off and from there I was able to establish myself a fan base and adoring followers Who giving the state of the Pademic at the time was all virtual but from performing live set’s on Live Social Media spaces, Dischords and Telegrams

Talk about your latest project

My Latest Project Is a one of a kind “NFT” Music Experience It is a Digital NFT Version of my Latest album “3′ this is called “3 The Infinity Edition” it’s avaiable on Rarible.com and Opensea.io the two top Premiere NFT Art Exchanges there will only be 4000 Copies minted Each copy comes with (3 Different album versions, a live version, the nft edition which comes with wavs and mp3s of both album, a radio edited and family friendly version of the album.), Cover arts and Alternitive cover arts. All of the WAV stems to each song so that buyers can create their own remixes and music) and the Cherry on top is a licensing agreements so that buyers can use any piece of any of the audio they want in any of their published content, for infinity and beyond

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

In Five years i will be accepting my fourth grammy, i would have done alot of charity work with Tiger Claw LLC, I would have been inducted as a member of the wu-tang clan. And i Will still be the premiere artist in the NFT/CRYPTO Space

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