Yoko Interview

Yoko Interview

Yoko Interview


Artist: Yoko

Song: Caution

Release Date: 9/2

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Smooth, smooth, smooth! Yoko is bringing the heat with “Caution”. The drums start off before the melodic vocals take us away! Take “Caution” because this song is just too good! We reached out to Yoko for an interview and luckily, Yoko agreed!

Rock The Hip Hop Interview with Yoko

What city are you from?

I’d consider myself from LA
I’ve lived in a lot of states and cities though. However LA is definitely my home-base.

How has your city influenced your sound?

I think being from LA I’ve always looked up to R&B artists like Jhene Aiko, Summer Walker, Drake, H.E.R. I think I was placed her in LA for a reason and that reason is to create music. There’s definitely a lot of musicians in this city who want to pursue the same career. It’s easy to get lot out here and distracted if you let the LA lifestyle control you. But you just gotta stay focused and when you slip pick it back up. Keep Goin.

Tell us about your best performance

To be honest I haven’t preformed a lot. I get a little nervous performing but when I used to do open mics, I would preform love on the brain by Rihanna and I remember the first time I felt comfortable in front of a crowd. I was preforming at a small venue in studio city at an open mic.

Talk about your latest project

My latest project is an EP I’m working on I’m really excited because it’s gonna be my first EP. I got a new and improved sound that I’m tryna get out there. . I’m proud of how my flow has developed over the last year. I’ve come a long way as far as vocals and melodies. I think what makes my sound is the riffs and runs I do and my ability to switch the Flo. I can come up with like 10 different flows for the same beat. And all make it come together smooth.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Considering the rate of my progression as an artist in the last year I would say I probably say I will be past where I think I will be. I shoot past the stars. I dream big sometimes that I don’t even talk about my goals because people think I think unrealistically. But I’ve never been someone to think realistically. Anything is possible. I’ve seen the impossible happen in alot of different instances in my life.

Why limit yourself to what everyone else thinks you should do?

I feel like once you know what you’re meant to do still to that. The universe will conspire in your favor.

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