YungDior is Living Large

YungDior is Living Large

YungDior is Living Large


Living Large YungDior

YungDior is ready to perform after COVID-19 lockdown. We are all ready to see new music and we want it now. The time for new music and for Yungdior is now. “Living Large” is a larger-than-life track about hardships and dreams. Who doesn’t want to Living Large?

Without You

Nah, Nah, Nah.. This song reminds me of Lil Peep and Blink-182. This has old-school vibes and some grime. This track goes hard and relaxes you at the same time. We are always better without bad significant others. Life is better when you prosper alone and YungDior is living large.


Drums that hit and vocals that are haunting. Japan is a track that really makes you feel a certain way. You have to really listen hard to what he’s saying because it’s so deep. “Pop another Xan…”, hey YungDior keep your head up brother.

Shooting Star

6 in the morning and he’s already gone. Yungdior is really hitting it hard with the emotion on this standout track. The vibes really compliment the eerie beat and throwback vibe. The emotion goes heavy and this is a classic.


YungDior is really making an impact. His heavy style is something new and exciting. We are really excited to share his music because it is filled with pain, struggle, and joy. There is something really exciting about Yungdior.

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