6ackend is getting Crunk with LB4D

6ackend is getting Crunk with LB4D


6ackend“, which is pronounced “backend”, is a multi-talented artist who produces, raps, and engineers. Their album “LB4D” (LifeBeforeDeath) includes the popular song “Crunk”, which has amassed over 10,000 streams on Apple Music.

6ackend is getting Crunk with LB4D

The artist has crafted a unique sound that combines elements of emo rap, trap, and rockstar energy, resulting in a captivating listening experience that inspires movement and transports the listener to another world.

In the next five years, Backend envisions himself at the top of the hip-hop scene, running the Billboard charts and establishing itself as one of the hottest artists of the 2020-2030 decade.

We can see all of this coming true, especially with songs like “Crunk” off of LB4D. “Crunk” is a combination of Lil Wayne and Migos.

The beat is bouncy and fun. Everything about “Crunk” is hip-hop royalty and we love what 6ackend is doing on LB4D.


Ain’t Okay

Beautiful piano riffs float through a clean trap beat that helps to establish 6ackend as a threat in the rap game.

“Ain’t Okay” is an instant hit with a choppy flow that feels natural and smooth.

Dark melodies and trap beats make up the majority of LB4D, but it’s obvious we ain’t the same are some of the memorable lines that 6ackend spits throughout this album.


Mixing rap and rock, “6AM” is all hype and energy.

Grinding hard and hitting the streets with a positive message help to solidify “6AM” as an instant classic.

The mix of trap and rock is quite unique and helps to showcase the talents of 6ackend.

Everything about this album is great and we encourage you to stream LB4D in its entirety.


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