Adonis Faison is Ready to Party

Adonis Faison is Ready to Party

Adonis Faison is Ready to Party

“Shorty wanna party hard” and we are here for it. $hyGuy and Adonis Faison bring a blast of energy mixed with some chill electronic vibes.

Reminiscent of Daft Punk, “Party” is the ultimate banger and it is the perfect song to ring in the New Year. “Shorty wanna dance” and so do we.

The electronic, rap, and R&B make this song an incredibly dynamic fusion that is creative and unique.

2020 was a big year for Adonis Faison and songs like “Party” led the way for his groundbreaking newest album called “The Red Eye”.

The Red Eye

It is officially 2023, but 2022 was a big year for Adonis Faison. “The Red Eye” had such notable tracks like Medusa, Distance, For me, and Believed It All.

“Medusa” starts slow with a beautiful guitar melody and eventually the track beat kicks in to give us a taste of what Adonis Faison has to offer.

The “Medusa” music video is a creative and straightforward artistic vision that helps to illustrate what Adonis Faison is trying to communicate with his audience.

The song also is relatable in its depiction of an intoxicating woman that has it all. Adonis Faison isn’t just a musician, he is a storyteller.

Who is Adonis Faison

Originally from Calvert County Maryland, Adonis Faison recently moved to Los Angeles where he is pursuing a career as a rapper/singer, songwriter, and producer.

What really sets Adonis apart is the versatility he brings to the table with infectious melodies mixed with an upbeat/metaphorical rap style.

Some of Adonis’ influences are Kazi, Tobi Lou, Blxst, and Bryson Tiller.

By studying his influences and music, Adonis Faison has been able to create his own unique sound and style.

Hard work and talent is finally paying off because things are starting to really take off for Adonis Faison.

On top of writing and producing music, Adonis is the CEO of his own label called “AllDaWayy100”.

The future is bright for this multi-talented artist. Make sure to stream his music and check him out on social media.


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