SheShady Slays on Holiday Confusion

SheShady Slays on Holiday Confusion

SheShady Slays on Holiday Confusion

Overall, Holiday Confusion is an ethereal and beautiful collection of songs that radiate good feelings.

“Blue Rose” starts the album off on a somber yet poetic vibe. The instrumentals are hypnotic and compliment SheShady’s vocals perfectly.

“VHS” is an eerie and sinister song with the darkest and most beautiful bass line that I have heard in a while. Everything about this song is interesting and SheShady delivers on this futuristic soundscape.

Here I Come with Struggles

“Here I Come” blends a traditional trap beat with a dark electronic sound. It is stunning with SheShady captures on this track.

Then, SheShady hits us with Struggles. “Struggles” takes us in a new direction and offers a moment of reflection.

The piano riff on this track is haunting yet captivating. SheShady takes this beat to another planet and we want to jump on this rocket ship with her.

SheShady gets Shady

“Shady” is a laid back tune with an almost middle eastern vibe to it. The background vocals are haunting and once again SheShady is able to catapult us into another dimension with a beautiful hip hop ballad.

Switch Flipped

“Switch Flipped” has a bunch of interesting and unique soundscapes and samples.

It almost sounds like coke bottles are opening and it adds to the creativity that SheShady has implemented all throughout this album.

“Holiday Confusion” is an album that shows off the artistic talents of a very well-versed artist. Not only is SheShady a rapper, but she is also a poet.

In My Feelin’s

SheShady goes off on “In My Feelin’s” and lays it all on the line. SheShady is honest and isn’t afraid to take shots.

Her flow on this track is especially hard hitting and “she got in her emotions while getting lost in the motions”.

SheShady is brilliant. We love her. We support her and we will keep vibin’ with her especially when she is in her feelings.


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