Bars By Billy Is Just Venting

Bars By Billy Is Just Venting

“Bars by Billy” breathes new life into the hip-hop scene, offering a refreshing combination of humor and heartfelt sincerity. With his distinctive style, Billy fearlessly addresses weighty subjects such as substance abuse and bipolar disorder, while embracing the whimsical aspects of existence.

Influenced by the poetic mastery of hip-hop legends like MF DOOM, Chance the Rapper, Denzel Curry, Run the Jewels, Childish Gambino, and Deca, as well as the alternative rock bands that shaped his upbringing, such as Say Anything, Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, My Chemical Romance, and Tool.

Beyond mere rhymes, Billy’s lyrics serve as an open diary, chronicling the highs and lows of life. They seamlessly transition from lighthearted shenanigans to authentic struggles, providing a window into the depths of human experience.

Just Venting To Myself

“You’ve got me feeling like I’m Gay in Leviticus” is just one of the many memorable bars that Billy hits us with right off the bat with his stellar new song “Just Venting to Myself”.

Technically, is venting to all of us with this song but I’m not complaining because it’s a quite enjoyable track. Bright and positive harmonies fill the background while Billy takes us on a journey through his mind.

What do you get when you mix Twenty One Pilots, MF Doom, and Run the Jewels? Bars By Billy. Billy is a unique voice in today’s hip hop landscape because he raps over chill lo-fi beats but brings a poetic and relentless flow to every song that he is on.

“Bars By Billy” is a great example of a rapper who is dynamic and who takes a fresh new approach to hip hop. We truly love his music and encourage you to stream his tracks on Soundcloud and follow on Instagram.


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