Interview with New York Rapper Class 101

Interview with New York Rapper Class 101

Interview by Ava Salina

May 20, 2023, Miami, FL— New York rapper Class 1o1 booms as his verse drops! 101%, 1 of 1, none before, none to come, are the meanings and pure essence behind his alias. Class 1o1 is an incredibly talented lyricist, and it was a pleasure to interview him over this weekend. Class 1o1 is a writer of all genres, and today we get a deeper insight into his creative process and upcoming projects.

It’s such a pleasure to be able to interview such raw talent! Tell us about your creation process. How is your music created?

My process is a simple, but meticulous one. While strongly influenced by my mood,  my setting might be the most important! I don’t force write unless it’s large compensation, or if it is for a specific target. I find my most productive places to write are on a plane or the back seat of a car, while guitar strumming, or with headphones on. I have a team on the music side, but 2 main go-to producers DayVBeats & La’Cannon!

Your music totally sets the vibe! Windows down, late-night car ride around the city, volume-blasted, it’s a mood! Tell us about the reaction you’re trying to set off with your music.

I’m usually writing to relate, but from my view, so I expect unrelatable listeners to still enjoy it because it’s like not getting to travel to the destination but still getting to enjoy pictures of the place.

Very well said! What are some of your favorite musicians? Which ones have influenced you the most?

I have a few favs, so let’s talk Top 3, decided or influenced by my Top 3 Fav songs. “Waiting in Vain” (Bob Marley) “Slippin” (DMX) & “Simple Man” (Lynyrd Skynyrd),  need I say more?

Those are great choices for sure, Bob Marley is the man! My favorite song of yours is “Today” because it depicts modern-day love, and how many of us feel regarding the matter. Live fast, love harder, type of feeling. Out of all your music, which is your favorite track and why?

My Favorite song of mine is currently unreleased to the public, so that’s TBA, but from my very new, but growing catalog, it would have to be my Latest release “Be Like”. It’s a different bag from the records I choose for myself, as I would have normally sent this out for placement. However,  because it was produced by “Jeef LaFlare”, who is actually a really close friend of mine, and amazingly with whom I hadn’t, to date, released any records with. So it was like a check-off of my bucket-List, feel me? Jeef is Gang FrFr.

Class 101
Class 101

Do you prefer writing for yourself or for another artist?

That’s a tough one, but I guess I’d have to say, writing for other artists; mainly because I get to write outside of my vocal range & also lyrically play with views from other perspectives.

How does your cultural background impact your art?

I’m a true & true New Yorker, born & raised. But strongly influenced by my use of a passport growing up, I travel a lot, and being of Jamaican descent, (Uptown & Killy Dem) I got to be in all parts of the island 3 times a year minimum. I feel it is obvious in my sound and style…but I’m so One of One tho!

Tell us about any upcoming shows, collabs, or projects that you have in the works.

Well- with my new release ” Be Like”, & summer is almost here, I’m booking a Bunch of Live shows & appearances. I just did an event at Miami F1 Weekend, & it feels great to be outside with a new record now! I have a collaboration with Tory Lanez called “DoA(Kill Dat)”, but since the news of his untimely incarceration, I’m not sure strategically when we will release it, I still want him involved fully. My prayers out to him, Free da Guy! I’m still working on so much right now, so stay tuned! Bless.


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