Big Al Swagg Always has Swag

Big Al Swagg Always has Swag

Big Al Swagg Always has Swag

Who is Big Al Swagg?

Big Al Swagg is savage. Right now, he is pouring his heart and soul into his craft. Music bleeds from Big Al Swagg’s veins. There are so many good songs on his YouTube channel such as “In This Bitch”, “IT AINT EAZY”, “NUTTIN ELSE”, “GAME TIME”, and MANY MORE!

How did Big Al Swagg get his name?

Big Al Swagg has always been a lady’s man. Women have always loved him and that’s what they started calling him Big Al in high school. Then, he later added the Swagg when he decided to pursue music.

Where is Big Al Swagg from?

Big Al Swagg was born and raised in Newark, NJ and spent his teenage years in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is where he now lives and makes music.

What is his sound?

Old-school hip hop mixed with modern rap is the best way to describe Big Al Swagg’s vibe. Diversity is important in Big Al Swagg’s music because he writes about political issues, life, and different aspects of nature. Obviously, as his name implies, Big Al does it with Swagg.

Who are some of his influences?

Wiz Khalifa, Soulja Boy, Ice Cube, Digital Underground.

In This Bitch

Catchy, In This Bitch!

Do my dance, In This Bitch!

“In This Bitch” reminds me of something you would hear in a club in Miami. Miami is a party town and you want to get down IN THIS BITCH!

Big Al Swagg has an Ice Cube t-shirt that says “Today Was a Good Day” and it really sets the mood for the “In This Bitch” music video. The music video is simple, yet effective. The club is a perfect place to shoot a music video for this song. The vibe is pumping and the beat is heavy. The high hat drums hit you with a nice boomy bass to really accentuate Big Al Swagg’s voice.

This song is a hit and you should check it out!

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