It is DeJai NOT DJ

It is DeJai NOT DJ

It is DeJai NOT DJ

Smooth and suave describes DeJai. Do you like Isley Brothers riffs and smooth vocals? DeJai sings from her soul and then spits fire bars. It is incredibly impressive that DeJai produces her music in her home studio. All of DeJai’s tracks sound professional and on point. If you like 90’s R&B, DeJai is the artist for you.


“Rain” is a beautiful track that details a tragic loss and the pain that DeJai felt. Modern hip hop needs to resemble this. DeJai’s song comes from the heart and hits you in all the right places. “I’ve got to make it through the rain” is a line we can all relate to nowadays. There is so much pain in the world, but it will always get better if you can weather out the storm.

There is a lot of pain in DeJai’s music, but DeJai expresses it so beautifully. The drumming and bass lines blend perfectly with the funky riffs. Truly soulful and wonder is what DeJai makes me feel. DeJai will be the biggest artist of the century because “Rain” truly is a hit.

Who is DeJai

DeJai’s initials are actually DJ, but DeJai didn’t want people to be confused with an actual DJ. BangTheoryRecords is DeJai’s independent label and DeJai is the CEO. Originally from Newport, AR, DeJai plans on selling out shows across the world. Family is important to DeJai, and Dejai plans to help the youth one day. Talented and giving represent DeJai.


Some of DeJai’s influences are J cole, Rod Wave, Kendrick Lamar, Fredo Bang, SIR, Joey Bada$$, MO3, T-rell, Lauryn Hill,  and Erykah Badu.

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