Crips Need Jesus Too Raps Crip Jesus

Crips Need Jesus Too Raps Crip Jesus

Crip Jesus

Crip Jesus
Crip Jesus

Crip Jesus is fun, interesting, unique, clever, and real. Hip hop is full of phonies who pretend to be something they are not. Crip Jesus isn’t one of those phonies. Crip Jesus is the REAL DEAL; a real KILLA! When you listen to Crip Jesus, you will hear KILLA rhymes. Sometimes he can be funny, and sometimes he can be serious. Songs like “Vote For Trump” take a lot of courage to rap and perform. After spending years in prison, Crip Jesus is afraid to do what he wants.

Crips Need Jesus Too

When we are young, we make mistakes. One of the mistakes that Crip Jesus made got him locked up in prison. In “Crips Need Jesus Too”, Crip Jesus raps that he was 17 years old with a four million dollar bond. His lyrics are powerful and the message of this song really resonates. After spending 15 years in prison, Crip Jesus is ready to take over the rap game.

TheBlackIlluminati Mixtape

TheBlackIlluminati Mixtape will not disappoint! The variety of songs, themes, and sounds keeps this mixtape interesting. “No Friends” is a great song because everyone can relate to this. People will always disappoint. Crip Jesus points out how most friends are just fakes. The drum track for “No Friends” is really clean and smooth. There is an almost Egyptian sounding riff that plays on top of the drum beat and it is sick.


“Done taking losses/I’m doing a lot of winning” and TheBlackIlluminati is a winner! This mixtape goes hard on every track. “Killa” is probably my favorite track. The bassline is funky but dark. The mood reflects Crip Jesus’ lyrics. The hook is so catchy too. Crip Jesus is killing it on the track “Killa.”

Drakeo Home

“I used to take bitches on dates/I Just fuck now.”

The bassline on this track reminds me of something you would hear out of No Limit Records. For some reason, Master P comes to mind when I hear the song “Drakeo Home.” Honestly, this song is the kind of song that you just want to have sex to. It’s fierce but sexy.

Check out Crip Jesus

Don’t sleep on Crip Jesus. He is destined for great things. Nowadays, there are many rappers who don’t have a lot of diversity in their sound. The cool part about Crip Jesus is that he’s a well-rounded rapper. He is able to rap over a fast beat and he can rap over a slow beat.




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