Top 5 Mixtape Websites

Top 5 Mixtape Websites

Top 5 Mixtape Websites

One thing that you might hear is that MIXTAPES ARE DEAD! This misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. Mixtapes are alive and well. Mixtapes are just another way of packaging your music and promoting them to potential fans. If they were DEAD, then these mixtape websites would all be non-existent.

History of Mixtapes

People have always loved consuming music. Music has been around for centuries. Primitive humans would bang on objects and make percussive sounds. You could even say that our heartbeat has a rhythm, and internally, we are all music.

Fans of music have always loved variety. Originally a mixtape was a compilation of people’s favorite music. It wasn’t until the 1980s when people could easily compile their favorite songs on audio cassettes. It evolved from that point to CDs, MP3s, and now, Spotify.

Mixtape Websites
Mixtape Websites

Hip Hop and Mixtapes

Now, the mixtapes I have described have nothing to do with the mixtapes of today. If you are a fan of hip hop then a mixtape means something entirely different. Way back in the day, hip hop music was recorded live and only existed in that form. It was a way for independent artists to distribute their music to fans. It still exists in this form today.

Chance The Rapper and Acid Rap Mixtape

Mixtapes have a history of launching many of your favorite artists. Chance the Rapper blew up because of his 2013 mixtape called “Acid Rap.” Artists such as A$AP Rocky have also blown up with their mixtapes. Mixtapes are great for hip hop. People are searching for new music to listen to every day.

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One day you can be a complete unknown, and the next day you are the next Chance the Rapper. If you are a musician, you should be dropping as many mixtapes as you can. Here are some of the best mixtape websites to release your work:

1. Datpiff

Datpiff is an OG of mixtapes. First, you create an account. Second, you get approved. Third, you upload, Fourth, you decide if you want to pay extra for Datpiff to promote it. Fifth, you can promote it yourself. Sixth, you can pay a service to promote. Last, you hope and pray that it goes viral.

Pros of Datpiff

Free, another place to upload music, get exposure, listen to other upcoming artists.

Cons of Datpiff

Hard to get exposure, costs to promote and be featured, primitive site design.

2. Spinrilla

Spinrilla is an old school mixtape site with a new makeover. You have to apply to their artist account by following this link:

They have one of my favorite mixtape websites because they have a large variety of music that is presented well.

Pros of Spinrilla

Clean look, big selection of music, get exposure.

Cons of Spinrilla

Hard to get noticed, pay to promote, must have your account approved.

3. TopMixtapes

TopMixtapes is eerily reminiscent of Datpiff. The design and aesthetic feel a little outdated, but this is still a great website to upload your mixtape to. TopMixtapes isn’t as popular as some of the other mixtape websites.

Pros of TopMixtapes

Easy to use, potential exposure, free account.

Cons of TopMixtapes

Approval of submission, hard to get noticed.

4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the king of mixtapes. Most people don’t consider SoundCloud a mixtape website, but I do. How many of your favorite rappers have launched their career on SoundCloud? Lil Peep comes to mind and the genre of emo rap. SoundCloud is more known as a place to upload singles, but you can definitely download your mixtapes.

Pros of SoundCloud

Established, lots of potential exposure, lots of users, playlist possibilities.

Cons of SoundCloud

Lots of users, limited upload space, hard to get noticed, not as popular as before.

Since it is hard to get exposure on SoundCloud, we offer premium SoundCloud promotion services that will help you to get more exposure.


RIP Lil Peep - Mixtape Websites
RIP Lil Peep – Mixtape Websites

5. HotNewHipHop

HotNewHipHop is relatively newest to the mixtape game compared to the other mixtape websites that I discussed. The aesthetic of HotNewHipHop resembles World Star Hip Hop. It is still a great place to upload your music to.

Pros of HotNewHipHop

A newer site, clean look, share your Spotify or Soundcloud links, another place to share your music.

Cons of HotNewHipHop

Not as many users, you can only upload ONE song or link per day, not likely to go VIRAL.



6. Spotify

Spotify is a great place to upload your music. The chances of your music going viral on Spotify is probably greater than on these other sites. The key to getting streams and saves on Spotify is to get your music on relevant playlists.

Pros of Spotify

Lots of users, easy to use, create playlists.

Cons of Spotify

You cannot directly upload your music, must promote your music.

Spotify Music Promotion

Music on Spotify doesn’t just go viral. People need to find your music. How can they do that? Playlists!

Getting your music on playlists is the key to getting fans.

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