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Artists do you want your music professionally mastered for a reasonable price? Then look no further because “Chosen Masters” is the company that you want to check out.

For a reasonable one time price of $12 or a monthly price of $25, Chosen Masters offers high-quality mastering that will boost the production quality of your single or album. Aren’t sure if they are a good fit? Don’t worry because “Chosen Masters” allows you to try their service for free. We have sent a few artists their way and they were impressed by the quality of their tracks.

Here is a testimonial from “Chosen Masters”:

Chosen Masters Testimonial
Chosen Masters Testimonial

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with Chosen Masters

Tell us about your company.

Chosen Masters is an online audio mastering website that lets users master their audio instantly & professionaly without any special knowledge. Its free to try anytime!

How do you help musicians?

We save them time and money, giving them an easy to use cloud based audio mastering solution

What does a musician need to do before signing up with your company?

They should have an audio file ready to upload, 32 bit WAV 44100 sample rate is best.

What genres work best with your service? It doesn’t matter what style or genre your music is, Chosen Masters will give professional mastering results for any sound.

Tell us where you see your company in the next 5 years.

We will continue to stay on the cutting edge of audio mastering online while also exapnding our next generation tools for musicians and creators.

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