KingQueen is a LA Based Pop-Rock Band who are Taking Over

KingQueen is a LA Based Pop-Rock Band who are Taking Over

KingQueen is a LA Based Pop-Rock Band who are Taking Over


KingQueen is a successful pop-punk rock band out of LA. They are taking the world by storm and they have already seen success from being featured on MTV and VH1. “It’s Raining” is a fun song that mixes a punk, rock, and even some electronic. The style is wild and the video is very colorful. KingQueen isn’t just another typical rock band, but they are creative and really adding a unique flair to the genre.

KingQueen recently joined the roster of ‘LA Rock Collective’. KingQueen is currently on their ‘Golden State Tour’ promoting their self-titled EP KingQueen which was released in April 2022. We reached out to KingQueen for an interview and luckily they agreed even though they are currently busy on tour.

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with KingQueen

What city are you from?

Helsingborg, Sweden – iNA
Lima, Peru – Ella
Sacramento, California – Jake
Madison, Alabama – Adam
Syracuse, New York – Brandon

How has your city influenced your sound?

Growing up pop rock was pretty big where I’m from. Also Sweden teaches music pretty early in school, not classical but guitar, drums, bass and keys so a lot of people know how to play music there even if it’s not for a career and pop rock is just a natural genre where I’m from. We have The Cardigans, Europe, Abba, Backyard Babies, Roxette.. yeah you name it. Melodic rock! And it has all influenced me. I think it’s helped me keep our music open and not sticking strictly to one sound within the songwriting. I definitely have a very Scandinavian way of writing formula wise. It has to have meaning and be catchy at the same time. – Ina

Syracuse has a big jazz and blues scene, I’ve watched some amazing musicians come through. It has influenced the way I improvise and the way I emote while performing. – Brandon

I’d say it had influenced the way I see music more than my sound. Latin music is all about the swing and feel. And I think that’s what I take the most from where I come from. – Ella

I grew up around classical music and musical theater, and my town had a good amount of both, thanks to my family’s opera company and musical theater company, along with a few other organizations in town that produced consistently quality work. I never identified culturally with the South, and I still don’t, but being in a town that valued the arts more than your typical city in Alabama gave me the chance to learn and to grow as a musician, and certainly set me up well for a career in music, regardless of the genre. – Adam

It has not influenced me musically but it has a cool music scene and used to hold a really big jazz event in the summer downtown! – Jake

Tell us about your best performance?

Definitely when we played the Troubadour in Los Angeles and at the NAMM show in Anaheim. It’s just two stages that feel right from the start. Great sound. Epic history behind it and an honor to have played at!

Talk about your latest project

We just released our self-titled EP and are currently on our Golden State Tour promoting it all over California.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Continuing doing what we’re doing on a higher level and reaching more people. Traveling the world playing epic shows, continuing living this good life and enjoying the friendships we’ve made along the way.

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