Uvalde Mass Shooting

Uvalde Mass Shooting

Uvalde Mass Shooting

Mass Shooting Today

Mass Shootings are happening so often that they are happening almost on a daily basis. Whether it’s a crazy person shooting up a mall or school, it is a serious problem. The Uvalde, Texas mass shooting was heartbreaking. All mass shootings are heartbreaking, but the fact that there are people who are so evil that they target children is especially chilling. What can we do to stop mass shootings in America? Gun control, ban video games, or is this just the new reality that we all have to live with in today’s world?

Chicago Mass Shooting

Gun violence has become a pandemic in America. Every day we are hearing reports of mass shootings and some cities are worse than others. Chicago is one of the worst cities in America when it comes to gun violence. This past week there was a mass shooting near a McDonalds. Stats show that Chicago has had the most mass shootings since 2018.

Chicago Drill Music

What is Chicago drill music? Chicago Drill Music or more simple “Drill Music” is music from Chicago that glamorizes the gang life and street culture. Many of the mass shootings that take place in Chicago are gang related. Do we really need music that glamorizes violence?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bando and Chief Keef and drill rappers, but it comes to a point when I always ask: Is this music beneficial to the culture? When so many of our young brothers and sisters are getting shot, then we have to ask: Should we be glamorizing gun culture?

Hollywood Gun Culture

Chicago Drill Music doesn’t even come close to Hollywood when it comes to glamorizing gun violence. Hollywood is the biggest culprit and also the biggest hypocrite. Hollywood is constantly demanding gun control yet their movies always show people brutally being murdered and the heroes are always seeking revenge.

I linked a humorous Bill Maher segment that highlights this and it is true. Should we ban movies? No, but it seems that they do play a small role when people decide to go on mass shootings.

Uvalde Texas

What is the solution to prevent mass shootings? It seems like there isn’t one because politicians refuse to do ANYTHING. It is always contentious to talk about banning certain guns and it doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime in the future. Why? Too many politicians and people love their guns. Also, the root of the problem goes much deeper than guns. Other solutions like arming teachers aren’t very practical or reasonable.

In Uvalde, Texas, the police were absolutely useless in how they handled the situation. Over an hour of shooting occurred before the shooter was neutralized which resulted in over 20 deaths and most of the deaths were children. We need to stop gun violence or at least reduce it and studies show that reasonable and sensible gun control would reduce the number of mass shootings but it won’t completely prevent them.

Biden Gun Control

Biden is pleading congress to pass sensible gun laws but that’s like pleading with a bunch of children to eat their vegetables. Unless you force them, then nothing is going to change. Maybe he could pass some kind of executive order to bypass congress and the house, but I have a feeling that Biden is all smoke and mirrors. Joe Biden would rather raise our gas prices than actually do anything productive in this country. Republicans aren’t any better and sadly, both parties seem to be complete garbage in this country. Gun control doesn’t seem likely and I’d be truly amazed to see something actually happen in this country when it comes to guns. Unfortunately, we will have to keep hearing about this horrible mass shootings and they will continue to happen.


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