Dave East releases “Mercedes Talk” (Single Review)

Dave East releases “Mercedes Talk” (Single Review)

Dave East – Mercedes Talk

Dave East is back! Why is Dave East called Dave East? Because he is from the east coast!

Where is Dave East From

Dave East is from New York. He was born June 3, 1988. Currently, Dave East is 32 years old. It wasn’t until 2010 when Dave East really popped off. The release of his 8th mixtape “Black Rose” garnered serious attention. Nas took notice of this undiscovered talent and signed him to his record label.

Dave East Nude

Interestingly, Dave East made headlines for an alleged dick pic leak. Female fans were foaming at the mouth when they saw the alleged penis of Mr. Dave East. Apparently, it is quite large. The skeptics say that the picture was not actually Dave East. Honestly, they are just being haters.

Unfortunately, Dave East has not confirmed whether or not if the large penis in question is actually his. Sorry ladies, I am not going to provide links to this alleged Dave East nude leak. You will have to be resourceful and find these alleged dick pictures on your own.

Mercedes Talk is a Hit

Old school New York hip hop vibes permeate throughout the song “Mercedes Talk.” Absent from this song is a trap beat that we are familiar hearing in 90 percent of today’s hip hop. The music in this track is very reminiscent of old school 90’s hip hop. There is a very gangster feel to the way Dave East raps.

Dave East used to be part of the Harlem Crips. Unlike many other modern rappers, Dave East feels legitimate. So many modern rappers are more content to show off their newest purses and play pretend. Dave East is the real deal. Honestly, that’s what I appreciate most about rappers like Dave East. You can feel his passion for hip hop. He takes his craft seriously.

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