Discord Music Bot

Discord Music Bot

Discord Music Bot

Discord Music Bot

What is a Discord Music Bot

A Discord Music Bot is a bot that can play music from various platforms such as Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Twitch while you are on Discord. With the assistance of this bot, users can shuffle their playlist and there are other cool features for the user. The problem is that many Discord Music Bots eventually get taken down.

What is Discord

Do you like hanging out and talking with your friends while you play video games? Then, Discord is the perfect place for you. Not only used for games, but Discord is also a great place for building a community of like-minded individuals. There is a Discord for pretty much everything and it can be a great place to find like-minded individuals.

Rythm was taken down

Running off YouTube’s API for free and still charging a premium membership helped to get this amazing Discord Music Bot shut down. DO NOT violate YouTube’s terms of services because you will get shut down. Google (who owns YouTube) sent Rythm a cease and desist letter. Don’t worry because even though Rythm was one of the most popular Discord Music Bots there are many others that work just as well.

Hydra Bot

Admin control, set up Hydra-specific command channel, ban people who abuse it, and many more features. They no longer function off of YouTube only. Groovy was shut down, but Hydra is the solution if you miss Groovy. Hydra was created by the same person who made Groovy. My favorite feature is the unique song request channel which enables Hydra to be used via a custom player that will allow you to control the bot.


Mee6 is another fan favorite that offers custom commands, reaction roles, moderation, and so much more. Used by over 14 million servers, Mee6 makes it easy to create your own custom commands, quickly set up streaming & social media alerts, gives users the freedom to choose roles by reacting, and voice recording that you can save and store in your device.


Chillbot says what it does. Chillbot provides users with Lo-fi music. It offers ease of use, amazing quality, and the best lofi music for streaming. There is a premium service feature that allows you to pay for more than one server. The price point isn’t too expensive if you want it for just 1 server.


Even people who don’t use Discord have heard of Octave. Octave has been around for a minute and many have replaced Groovy and Rythm with Octave. If you love memes, then make sure to check out Octave.


Vexera has some pretty decent moderation features that allow you to remove, clean, ban, and mute. There is also a very nice greeting feature. One of the coolest features is the various commands that allow you to control the tracks that you listen to. This free Discord music bot has been used on over 300,000 plus servers.


BMO is a great multi-functional bot that has reminders, to-dos, image manipulation, chatbots, and self roles. Playing around with BMO is a fun experience because this bot offers a lot. The website looks just like a giant chat room like it is 4chan. Some people consider this the best bot to replace Rythm with, but still, it’s a personal preference. Spotify isn’t supported and many users have also complained about the ./help feature.


Fredboat is a name we keep hearing more and more often. One of the features that people really love is that it plays music from different platforms such as YouTube, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud. Shuffling playlists are just one of the many features of Fredboat. Fredboat is a great free Discord music bot.

Discord Music Bots

Whatever Discord Music Bot that you choose is up to you. We listed some of the most popular that many users seem to really be enjoying. It is always a good idea to try a few until you find the right one. With so many free Discord music bots, I would start with those first.


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