Dominique Ilie Interview

Dominique Ilie Interview

Dominique Ilie Interview

Dominique Ilie

Who is Dominique Ilie

Born in Southern California, Dominique Ilie is a multi-talented actor and musician. At just 11 years of age, Dominique Ilie was given his first record contract after finding his true passion in playing piano, guitar, and singing. Dominique will now be releasing music every month this year and is still a typical SoCal teen who enjoys listening to music, fashion, surfing, and playing video games. Dominique Ilie IMDb

Dominique Ilie – Complicated

August 5th is a momentous occasion for Dominique Ilie when he releases his next upcoming hit song called “Complicated”. By the time you read this, “Complicated” will be out on every streaming platform. Blending a delicate mix of raw feelings and emotions surrounding a love-hate relationship can be extremely complicated!

Dominique Ilie manages to pack a heap of emotion into this powerful and transcending song. Written in collaboration with Jeanne Walker, Dominique is ready to share a song that has been crafted and means the world to him. “Complicated” is a glimpse into the soul of Dominique Ilie and something that everyone can appreciate.

Dominique Ilie Interview with Rock the Hip Hop

Where are you from?

I am from Southern California, Laguna Beach.

How has your city influenced your sound?

Although I live very close to LA, OC has a very different vibe. One of my favorite artists is Rex Orange
County and he’s music had an influence over my sound for sure. There are a lot of street musicians and small
artists in my community. The overall feel in Laguna Beach is a very relaxed beachy vibe, and I think you can
see that in the local music community.

What instruments do you play?

I play piano and guitar. Piano is my favorite instrument; it just comes very naturally to me. It’s my go-to
instrument when I write songs.

Tell us about your upcoming release “Complicated”?

I am really excited to share this song with the world. It took me over a year to finalize it, so I am happy to be
able to finally put it out. I wrote this song last year during a complicated relationship between a girl and I.
There were a lot of strong feelings and mixed signals between us. My way of dealing with strong emotions is
to pour my heart out in a song, it’s pretty much my therapy.

Do you have any other releases planned for 2022?

Yes, I have a lot of music on the pipeline. I would love to be able to release more often, but I care too much
about the quality of my music to rush it out. I am planning on two other single releases for 2022, and I am
working on building material for my first album in 2023.

You are currently a contestant in a music contest, tell us more about that.

Yes, it’s super exciting, I am competing in the Opening Act 2022. The winner of this competition will be an
opening act for major artists that will perform at the Hollywood Bowl this year. This is a dream come true for
any new and upcoming artist. I passed the first round and made it into the top 15, so that’s exciting. There are
a lot of amazing bands and artists signed up for this competition, so we’ll see if I make it till the end. There
are three more rounds to go, and every vote counts.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The plan is to have my major break by the time I am 16 years old. I always envisioned my career at the top
of the industry, so I don’t want to settle for less. In 5 years I see myself touring the world, and performing on
the largest stages.

Does your family support your musical journey?

Yes, I couldn’t do it without them. Both my parents are very involved in my career and have been supporting
my music education and career development since I was 5 years old. My dad is in the music industry, so he
plays a major role in what I do. I am fortunate to be born in a musical family, I have been surrounded by
musicians all my life.

Who do you most want to collaborate with?

I get this question a lot and my answer is always Tyler the Creator. I am obsessed with his creativity and his
ability to produce and write all his music. I find his sound unique and groundbreaking. I would love to one
day collaborate with him.

Of all the originals you have written, what is your favorite and why?

Hmm, tough questions. Honestly, every new song I release I think is better than the previous. My goal is to
get better and better, and only release music that I truly love. Complicated is now my new favorite song.


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