Nick Bravo Leaves Other Rappers Foggy

Nick Bravo Leaves Other Rappers Foggy

Nick Bravo Leaves Other Rappers Foggy


Where has Nick Bravo been my whole life? Smooth, clear, and precise are how Nick Bravo executes his rhymes over a beat. With poignant poise and memorable punchlines, Nick Bravo delivers the goods and then some. Through hard times and struggles, Nick Bravo has managed to come out on top.

Nick Bravo is originally from So California, Los Angeles. He has been writing music for over 10 years and some of his musical influences are Dr. Dre and Eminem. Also, he is heavily influenced by NF and Logic.

COVID-19 Inspired Foggy

After dealing with COVID-19, Nick Bravo had long COVID and had to overcome it. COVID-19 hit Nick Bravo hard and he was sick for over a year. After a year of rehabilitation and dealing with health issues, Nick Bravo was able to turn his pain into music.

Nick Bravo manages to raise a lot of questions about COVID-19 and “Foggy” is a powerful statement to something that many of us can relate to. The fear and uncertainty that plagued this country after COVID and many of us had to deal with health consequences due to this virus.

At the end of the day, all we can do is persevere and keep fighting. Never give up and always go forward. Nick Bravo is a true inspiration and a true talent. His music is making waves and many are resonating with his powerful message. Do not sleep on Nick Bravo and check out his social media down below.

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