Dutch 3Times is Fire on Fire

Dutch 3Times is Fire on Fire

Dutch 3Times is Fire on Fire

Who is Dutch 3Times?

Born in South Carolina, but raised in Detroit, MI, Dutch 3Times is changing the game. What makes his music great? He isn’t afraid to experiment with all genres. Dutch doesn’t just love hip hop; Dutch 3Times loves ALL MUSIC! The best artists have a diverse taste in music and it definitely shows in Dutch 3Times. Recently, Dutch has released some fire tracks and one of those fire tracks is called “Fire on Fire”.

Fire on Fire

“Fire on Fire” is straight FIRE! The song starts out with a beautiful riff that sounds like a harp, but it’s some sort of synth effect. Then the riff continues and the bass drums hit hard. Everything about this song is fun and exciting. Dutch 3Times has a laid back approach to his sound and it’s nice. Girls in the strip club could definitely dance to this banger. What really sets Dutch 3Times apart is his unique vocals. Also, I really like that he doesn’t use auto tune and has very nice voice.

Head Gone

Similar to “Fire on Fire”, “Head Gone” starts out with a smooth melodic riff. Then the bass and drums hit. This track is absolutely beautiful. He makes that ass drop and makes her take her mask off. He will be there in a minute and he gets head in the rental. Dutch is only in town for the weekend, so you better come over before you miss him. Miami would love Dutch 3Times. “Head Gone” reminds me of an 80s song mixed with modern trap. This would be another club banger and that’s what Dutch makes…bangers.

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