The Seams

“I’ve got big ambitions. I’ve got big dreams.” FEELSOUL’s dreams are about to become a reality. Everything is not what it seems and that’s a great point to make in the world of hip hop. Hip Hip is full of fakers. The philosophy of most hip hop artists is fake it until you make it. Many rappers pretend to be something they are not to achieve success. FEELSOUL is putting his heart and soul on the line and expressing a more vulnerable side to his personality. FEELSOUL is a multi-dimensional artist and his music will stand the test of time.

The music video for “The Seams” is high caliber and well produced. Everything about this video screams sexy and soulful. FEELSOUL lives his name and his music proves that he really does FEEL SOUL.

GOD Freestyle

The God Freestyle is an epic freestyle that shows off FEELSOUL’S skills as an artist. He is dynamic, complex, rhythmic and on point. The beat is harmonious and melodic. FEELSOUL’s delivery is powerful and impactful. The way that he delivers his bars is unique and the cadence is different from how most artists deliver a line. The truth is always more powerful than being fake. FEELSOUL always keeps it real and his audience appreciates that about him. His music isn’t just art. His music is poetry.

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Interview: https://rockthehiphop.com/interview-with-feelsoul

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