G- Eazy – Everything’s Strange Here (Album Review)

G- Eazy – Everything’s Strange Here (Album Review)

G- Eazy – Everything’s Strange Here (Album Review)

Bad. Very bad. Not Good. Tacky. BAD!

Everything’s Strange Here

Who is the one white rapper who makes mediocre music that doesn’t get flamed like other successful white rappers? G-Eazy. Everything isn’t strange here… it’s just bad. The opening track starts the album off with a bad pace and it sets the rest of the album up for failure.

Is He Even Trying?

Ice JJ Fish can hit more clean notes than G-Eazy. This album has some interesting beats and decent production but the singing really ruins it for me. G-Eazy should just stick to rapping and doing what he does best. G-Eazy is not a multi-talented artist. He is trying to be a multi-talented artist but he really isn’t. He is a one trick pony whose best work came and left with Halsey.

Every Night of the Year

Slurring and emotion mixed with slurring and emotion. The way he sings is very hard to get into this track. It would almost be possible to get into this song if it weren’t for how long and how poorly produced it was. The album keeps getting worse.


Why did G-Eazy choose to cover one of Bowie’s last and most prolific tunes? Maybe G-Eazy is trying to tell us that he’s dying? I don’t know. He cannot sell this song. Bowie is a legend and a phenom. If you want to cover Bowie, have the chops to cover Bowie. This is just BAD!

Rating: BAD/10

I would put a link to listen to album, but honestly what’s the point?



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