5 Reasons SoundCloud is Important for Musicians

5 Reasons SoundCloud is Important for Musicians

5 Reasons SoundCloud is Important for Musicians

Many rappers, musicians, and bands see SoundCloud as a platform of the past. They disregard SoundCloud as old hat. They see it as an old horse that no longer has any new tricks. Maybe that is actually the reason why you still need to be on SoundCloud?

5. It is still a place to host your music for FREE

SoundCloud is FREE! Granted, they do have premium memberships that offer cool features like being able to replace tracks while keeping your states, but it is not necessary. SoundCloud is a platform with millions of active users who still want to hear new music. Some people only exclusively listen to music on SoundCloud. There are people who cannot afford Spotify or Apple Music, so they use SoundCloud.

4. Ever heard the term “SoundCloud Rapper”?

Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Peep, Lil Yachty, 21 Savage, and Chance the Rapper all launched their careers on SoundCloud. People go to SoundCloud to listen to all genres of music. Specifically, people go to SoundCloud to listen to rap and hip hop. Talent scouts scout talent on SoundCloud. If your music, starts to get hot…. record labels will start to notice. What can help you launch your music career? OUR SOUNDCLOUD PREMIUM PROMOTION

3. Networking

What is the most important thing you can do in any business? Network! Make friends! You need to meet people in life who will help you. People need people. Social Media is perfect for networking, but some platforms are better than others. When you go on SoundCloud, you will be able to find tons of musicians who will do a share for a share. There are also musicians who will want to collaborate and network with you. There are also sites like Repost Network where you can network with other musicians. You can share other users tracks for points and they will share your track. This is a great site to really build a strong network and get REAL listens. It is important to get organic traffic to your Soundcloud page. It is better to have 5 real plays than 10,000 fake plays.


The beautiful thing about SoundCloud is that it is very user friendly. You create an account and within minutes you can upload your first track. When you want to upload music to Spotify, you need to use a service like Distrokid, Tunecore, CDbaby, and all of these sites charge money for you to upload songs. It is not free to put your song on Apple Music. Also, once your music is up there, you cannot change it. With SoundCloud, if you don’t like your track, you can just delete it and then re-upload it.

1. It is the PERFECT PLACE to PERFECT your ART

Soundcloud is GREAT for artists who do not have a lot of experience with music or recording. If you are a very serious musician like Kanye West, then you obviously don’t need Soundcloud. But if you are reading this, you aren’t Kanye West. And if you are… YO WHAT UP KANYE!

SoundCloud is the perfect platform to mess up and try again. When you first start putting out music, you are going to make mistakes. You are going to mix your tracks incorrectly, you probably won’t level it correctly, and you probably have no idea how to master your track. These skills take time. They also take a budget. If you do not know how to do it yourself, you can pay for it. SoundCloud allows you to post your music and get feedback from other people. People are actually nicer on SoundCloud than other platforms. When I put my music on SoundCloud, I noticed that people were always willing to give constructive criticism. It is important to differentiate between constructive criticism and negativity.


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Here is a video about an artist who used Soundcloud to get REAL plays:


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