How to go Viral on TikTok

How to go Viral on TikTok

How to go Viral on TikTok

Pick a Niche

HOW TO GO VIRAL ON TIKTOK: It is so important to pick a specific category and stick with it. If you do music, then stick with music. If you do makeup, do makeup. Don’t stray too far away from what your niche is because once you build an audience they want certain content. The best niche is comedy based on relevant topics. Pick up on trends

Don’t Abuse Hashtags

Hashtags can be a great way of getting discovered, but too many hashtags will actually confuse TikTok. 3 hashtags are probably the best approach. Use 2 hashtags that relate to the video that you are creating and then one hashtag that you can consistently use that relates to your niche. For example, if you want to make videos about being an underground rapper, then use the hashtag #UndergroundRapper on all your videos plus 2 other hashtags that relate to what you are posting about. Remember, stay relevant, but also, let TikTok know how to categorize you.

Respond to Popular TikTok Creators

Create videos in your niche that are duets or stitches based on what popular creators are doing. The best videos to duet are ones that just went viral and ones where there aren’t too many people already doing duets or stitches. Fans of those creators look through the duets and that is a great way of getting discovered.

Follow other people on TikTok in your niche

TikTok is about building a community. Sure, there are a lot of people who get famous without doing that, but it is better to network and try to build a community. Having friends and connections will always benefit you in the business world. The more people that you know, then the more doors that will open for. Support other creators and they will support you. Don’t just blindly follow people. Please make sure to actually offer commentary that is actually beneficial and supportive.

Leave the app after you post

Research on TikTok has shown that TikTok doesn’t like when you leave the app. In fact, they reward your video when you do leave their app because they are trying to lure you back in. After you post, make sure to shut the app off. I mean completely shut your app off. Swipe up and get rid of the app. If you start to get a bunch of notifications of people checking out your content, then wait before you start to reply or look at it.

Make Controversial Content

There is a difference between hateful and controversial content. By controversial, I mean content that gets people talking. For example, I made a video about Lizzo that went viral. It currently has over 250k views. My account blew up because of that video and the video is simply stating Lizzo’s height, weight, and BMI. There is nothing hateful about the video, yet many of Lizzo’s fans took it that way because that is how people are like in 2021.

@rockthehiphopLizzo’s BMI says she’s obese according to her height and weight ##lizzo ##lizzobeeating ##foryoupage

♬ Good as Hell – Lizzo


TikTok ads work great. Using TikTok ads program, you can run an ad for one of your videos. The problem with this is that it is very expensive. You are better off doing organic promotion, but if you have the money this can also be a great way to get new subscribers, likes, and comments.

Be Consistent on TikTok

Post daily. Post at least 2 TikToks every day. If you really want to grow, then you need to post consistently. It took me 15 videos before I made one that went viral. Had I given up after making 3 videos, then where would I be now? Post, post, post and keep posting. Learn from your mistakes and learn what your audience likes.

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