Love on Me

American DJ and Producer IMBLITZMUSIC has a new single out called “Love on Me” and it is a throwback to the era of Daft Punk electronic music. This song is a remix of Galantis and it starts off fast-paced but breakdowns into something that is irresistible and makes you want to dance.

“Love on Me” is pure joy and is well-produced. Everyone loves fun dance music and IMBLITZMUSIC is coming in strong with this epic remix. We really love the positive vibes and joyous feelings that IMBLITZMUSIC is producing. Hailing from Miami, FL, IMBLITZMUSIC is starting to make big waves and we reached out for an interview.

IMBLITZMUSIC Interview with Rock the Hip Hop

What city are you from?

Miami, FL.

How has your city influenced your sound?

My city has influenced my sound because it’s very tropical and party like.

Tell us about your best performance?

I haven’t performed yet I plan on performing on June 10th.

Talk about your latest project.

My latest project Galaxy Blast is a very chill song to headbang too.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself in my studio making hits after hits.

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