Federal Marijuana Legalization

Federal Marijuana Legalization

My Funky Buddha

Stream “My Funky Buddha”: https://td.peacefulpiranha.com/myfunkybuddha

Musical artist “Peaceful Piranha” created a funky rock hip hop protest song called “My Funky Buddha” which is set to turn some heads but also get you grooving. The rhythm for this song is hard-hitting and the bass is super funky. Everything about this song is fun and the lyrics are hard-hitting satire. The satire is strong on this one and Peaceful Piranha brings the laugh, rhythm, and noise.

Marijuana Legalization

Why is marijuana still illegal in 2022? It doesn’t make sense. It is stupid. Marijuana should have been, at the very least, decriminalized federally.

Guess who gets arrested more than anyone else for marijuana possession?


Our government loves locking up non-violent offenders and ruining their lives over a harmless plant. Well, not completely harmless, but look at the drugs that are legal that are 10 times worse!

Marijuana Legalize

Peaceful Piranha points out the hypocrisy of people who are always like, “I don’t do drugs”, and at the same time, these people are coffee addicts, food addicts, or alcoholics. Everything that we consume is a drug! Just because something is legal, it doesn’t mean that the substance is healthy or good for you! People seem to think that just because something is legal that it is not a drug. I’ve had so many conversations with people who drink alcohol who say, “I don’t do drugs!” and I am just thinking….. yes, yes you do!

Why is marijuana illegal?

Marijuana is Illegal

Marijuana Legalization

Luckily, we don’t live in the 1970s anymore when marijuana was illegal everywhere. On the state level, there are many states that have decriminalized and legalized marijuana. There are even more states where marijuana is medically legal. The problem is on the federal level. Marijuana is still illegal federally which interferes with the state laws.

Republicans and Democrats BOTH SUCK

When it comes to the issue of marijuana legalization, both sides of the aisle suck. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have tried to legalize marijuana even though most politicians are actually in favor. Right now, there is a bill to decriminalize marijuana federally that needs to get passed in the house and the senate before the president can approve it, but why can’t Uncle Joe Biden just decriminalize it with an executive order? Oh yeah, he doesn’t care. I am so tired of seeing minorities locked up for a non-violent crime.

Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol

The point of “My Funky Buddha” is to say that there are far worse things that are legal than marijuana and that is the ultimate hypocrisy. It is time to legalize and celebrate marijuana! So we have compiled a list of some classic weed tribute songs that will always be anthems!

Songs about Marijuana

Other than “My Funky Buddha” by Peaceful Piranha there are lots of OG weed songs that will make you feel high even when you are not high.

Redman and Method Man – How High

“How High” is an absolute throwback classic to a simpler time and more fun time in hip hop when rap was funky and fresh. The movie “How High” was groundbreaking and Method Man & Redman were almost the new “Cheech and Chong”.

Cypress Hill – Hits From the Bong

Cypress Hill are the Latin kings of hip hop in the early 90s and what really set them apart was their love of marijuana. Even during performances, Cypress Hill would light up fatties and take some “Hits From the Bong”.

Afroman – Because I Got High

So it seems like every rapper whose name ends in -man loves marijuana and writes songs about marijuana. The number one marijuana song of all time is probably “Because I got High” by Afroman. When Afroman is not punching his fans, he is telling us about all the things he forgot to do because he got high…..




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