AVENUEAR is a company that helps get unsigned artists get heard by major music executives. Their platform is really helping artists and because of this, we wanted to reach out and get more information to spread the word about AVENUEAR.


Where are you located?

AVENUEAR is located at 525 Technology Dr. Suite 525, Irvine, CA 92618T

Tell us about your company.

AVENUEAR is a music technology company that empowers independent artists, songwriters, and producers to strike deals with major label and record company executives. The company provides independent musicians with opportunities, connections, education, and fellowship.

AVENUEAR is a platform for artists, writers, and producers, to submit their music works to A&R executives at major record labels who have been at the forefront of identifying the next big artist. This innovative approach has led to the success of a number of artists around the world. We are artists helping artists helping themselves.

Is this affordable for artists just starting out?

Yes, AVENUEAR is very affordable. We’ve designed packages for every level of artist, writer, or producer. We have packages to help our users gain organic followers on Spotify, get on playlists, music blogs, podcasts, and more. Not to mention when they are ready they can submit to major record executives for evaluations on their demos. We are contractual with every executive on our platform. They listen and respond to every submission

What do artists need to know/do to prepare before being considered for a major record deal?

First, you must choose a label or music executive that produces music similar to yours. If possible, choose two or three labels or A&R from our platform and concentrate on them. You can find tons of information on each of our music executives on our site.

Secondly, make sure the record company has a good business model. Make sure you surround yourself with positive people who are committed to helping you achieve success. You don’t need to be famous to attract the attention of a record label. But if the labels can see that you have invested time and energy to get fans, plays, and have some momentum you have a good shot of working with a label.

Third, create quality music. The music that you create must be as good as what the label already has on its roster. The music you submit to a major label must be of a similar quality to the artists who are already signed by the label. A successful artist will have a great demo of their music to showcase to the label. A good artist can get signed by a major record label, so be sure to put in some effort to make yours sound better. Use plugins like Waves Audio plugins.

To increase your chances of signing with a major record label, you should try to gain exposure in the industry before signing with a label.

Join sites like AVENUEAR, music blogs, music playlists, Spotify, TikTok, and other platforms. Be sure to make some noise. Make sure you cross-publicize your work on social media and follow other artists. By following these steps, you have a better chance of being signed by a major record label in the year 2022.

AVENUEAR is an excellent resource for all artists, producers, and writers at every level of their careers.

Are there any genres in particular that record companies favor/tell us about breaking into the record industry?

What we have seen recently is a trend in pop/rap or what AVENUEAR calls “TikTok Music” record labels and the A&R executives are not usually after a specific genre they are after a well-written song. Overall, music executives’ jobs are to find hit records, place music on TV and in Film, develop artists, and the list goes on and on.

At the end of the day, they listen to 1000s upon 1000s of demos a day. They are seeking hits. If they aren’t producing hits they are out of a job. I wouldn’t say there’s genre-specific favored music. A hit is a hit. In fact, There have been songs that have been submitted as a country song that was turned into a Rap hit and vice versa.



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  1. We discovered AVENUEAR through their TikTok Playlist. Great company with the real deal industry professionals. I submitted my music for FREE and they actually got back to me quickly.

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