Limp Bizkit Cancels Hard Rock Hollywood Concert over Pit

Limp Bizkit Cancels Hard Rock Hollywood Concert over Pit

Limp Bizkit Cancels Hard Rock Hollywood Concert over Pit


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Fred Durst insults fans over Hard Rock Cancelation

Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit are on the offensive after canceling their concert at the Hard Rock Hollywood. Fans are visibly upset, but searching for answers more than anything else. Limp Bizkit has disabled comments and are blocking fans that leave comments that try to dissect the situation that occurred at the Hard Rock Hollywood.

Fred Durst is a Douche

Fred Durst left a long-winded and inappropriate response to a fan that was breaking down the situation that occurred. The fan even admits that he didn’t have all the answers and wanted clarification but instead Fred Durst continues to belittle someone who spent over $200 to see his band.

Imagine being such a jerk of a human being that you insult and belittle fans who spend their hard-earned money on your overpriced concerts?

Limp Bizkit Cancel Hard Rock Hollywood Concert

Limp Bizkit fans waited in line for hours for the Limp Bizkit show in Hollywood, FL to start when they were informed that the show was canceled. Many Limp Bizkit fans wanted answers and then everyone was told that the show was canceled because Limp Bizkit wanted a general admission pit section in the front and that the venue/promoters wouldn’t remove the seats in the front to make way for a pit.

So Limp Bizkit made the following statement:

Limp Bizkit cancels Hard Rock Hollywood Concert
Limp Bizkit cancels Hard Rock Hollywood Concert

Limp Bizkit Shifting Blame

Limp Bizkit is trying to shift the blame for the concert cancelation towards the promoters. Limp Bizkit didn’t want to play with a seated front row section EVEN THOUGH the tickets were ALWAYS sold as a seated show. If Limp Bizkit wanted a pit, then their team should have addressed this as the venues were being booked. The concert was canceled after the start time of the show and fans were never given a real answer other than the vague story posts that Limp Bizkit posted.

Limp Bizkit Resort to Blocking Fans

As the situation unfolded, many Limp Bizkit fans wanted answers and took to Limp Bizkit’s social media page. Instead of addressing what happened in a lengthy statement or video, Limp Bizkit chose to turn off their comment section, block fans, delete messages and resort to name-calling.

Fred Durst has a Bad Reputation for a Reason

There was a reason why Fred Durst was notoriously known as being an “asshole” and a “douchebag”. The way he is responding to fans is disgusting. He is choosing to condescendingly respond to upset fans and belittle them. One fan whose video we posted above simply wanted to better understand the situation and explained what he thought occurred.

Instead of giving him a real answer or actually shedding light on the situation, Fred Durst chose to insult the fan and then troll him on his page. We reached out to this person and he showed us that Fred Durst started to post “LOL” on his posts as an attempt to troll him. In the video, you can see one of the comments that Fred started to leave on his page, and then Fred Durst chose to block him.


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 Limp Bizkit Fans

The user above wasn’t the only upset fan. Many fans are confused and upset that this seating issue wasn’t addressed at the start of the tour. Why would you sell seated tickets from the beginning and then cancel last minute because there were seats? The whole situation is confusing and doesn’t make sense. Clearly, there is more to the story that Limp Bizkit doesn’t want to address and the way they are handling the situation seems to point the blame at them.

NOTE: Our story is based on reports from fans and what we heard from the event. We cannot confirm any of these reports and at this point, many of what is being stated are rumors. But there are many first-hand accounts that seem to corroborate the story. But still, we need to further investigate before stating this as objective truth. To further clarify, we are just reporting rumors and unofficial reports.

Here are some more fans commenting on the situation:

Final Thoughts on Limp Bizkit Concert

A concert being canceled isn’t the end of the world, but the way this was handled and the lack of vetting by Limp Bizkit’s team is pathetic. Limp Bizkit should have made a video apologizing for the situation and promising to reschedule. They should have offered more clarification, but it seems like they aren’t doing that because they are at fault (Allegedly).

So, they are blocking fans, comments, and anyone trying to speak out against what happened. If you message Fred Durst, he will just insult you and condescendingly respond to your concerns instead of taking any accountability because he is Fred Durst. Don’t expect kindness or accountability from Limp Bizkit and don’t get your hopes up if you buy a Limp Bizkit ticket.


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