Interview with Comatose Red Ivy (Transgender Dead-Living Zombie Bytch)

Interview with Comatose Red Ivy (Transgender Dead-Living Zombie Bytch)

Interview with Comatose Red Ivy (Transgender Dead-Living Zombie Bytch)

We reached out to Comatose Red Ivy because Comatose Red Ivy has been putting out some powerful music about suicide. Music like this is needed especially in times like these. Here is our interview with Comatose Red Ivy.

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with Comatose Red Ivy

What city are you from?

Ivy’s Cyanide Dream

How has your city influenced your sound?

Hahaha, Cincinnati a for real joke tho when it come to any type show they all be pretending they LA though, never roll up with a smoke show, never go on any beat with a gogo just same flo as last dude and next dude tho, they only wanna be LA that’s fo sho!

Tell us about your best performance?

Live or studio, every show, every time first try every try freestyle. Every time by end of every story as I’m a writer and storyteller then rapper and singer, I tell captivating stories especially live and I have 1 Goal, to get everyone off their Got Damn phones. First time I got everyone off their phones there were some crying and others in shock as how the story ended (Reference the Live Performance Here: )

Talk about your latest project:

Suicide is often always on my mind but I’m too big of a coward to follow through so far SADLY, next attempt gonna use fentanyl, had a couple close successful ones, so close indeed I know there’s nothing as painful in the world than when you’re trying to take your life and in the same moment begging yourself not to take your life.
I always support Suicide Awareness because it scares me to think other people have been in that situation, SUICIDE QUEEN was my first Suicide Awareness Song and now they’ve updated to a new number, 988.
The track is goofing off, the only purpose of the track is to remember the number 988 and in no way am I romanticizing or promoting suicide, just making light of a tough topic as I know it’s how I’ll leave Earth, hopefully, sooner than later.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

Well, speak of I’m on my death bed most days, don’t leave the dark or red light and my suicide not too far out of site but I’ll do what I can for everyone else before I do go. Love killed me, broke me and I’ll never forgive love or love again.


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