Vegan Gains Community Guideline Strike from John Meadows’ Son Live Stream

Vegan Gains Community Guideline Strike from John Meadows’ Son Live Stream

Vegan Gains Community Guideline Strike from John Meadows’ Son Live Stream

Who is Vegan Gains?

Richard Burgess is a vegan content creator on YouTube. Vegan Gains is a controversial figure on YouTube. Throughout his YouTube career, his controversies have resonated quite negatively with many people. Unfortunately, Vegan Gains is actually an intelligent, humorous, and logically consistent individual. Maybe, too logically consistent to a fault. Most of what he says about Veganism is spot on and sometimes, he crosses the line of human decency. Let’s dive more into the career of Vegan Gains.

Shocking Content

Vegan Gains’ bread and butter has always been shocking content. He filmed his grandpa having a heart attack, expressed his dislike towards children, exposed steroid abusers, pointed out hypocrisy, relentlessly critiqued people who stop being vegan, and engaged in debates with virtually anyone! DEBATE ME, BRO!

Niche Segment

For the most part, people have ignored Vegan Gains because he appeals to a niche segment. Unfortunately for him, somebody took a clip from his live stream and it became fodder for people to cancel him. Vegan Gains violated YouTube’s terms of services because of his comments on John Meadows’ son. His comments were not needed or appropriate, but he was trying to make a point. His point is that no matter how extreme his words are that it is not nearly as bad as people murdering and eating animals. That point is true. Hurt feelings are not as bad as what goes on in the meat and dairy industry. Vegan Gains’ critics don’t want to face the fact that their eating habits are unethical. In debates, Vegan Gains hammers his opponents by pointing out different fallacies. I enjoy his debates, live streams, videos, and overall message. No, I don’t agree with his comments about John Meadows’ son. I strongly disagree with those comments even if I get his point. Yes, fishing is wrong and cruel, but you can say it like that without going on a personal attack on some kid. Make a point about fishing without all the extra attacks. Attacking his Yo-Yo skills is an unnecessary personal attack. That is where it comes off as cruel and bullying. What is wrong with playing Yo-Yo?

Community Guideline Strikes

Fans of John Meadows and Greg Doucette are rushing to flag Vegan Gains’ videos. All of this flagging and reporting resulted in YouTube giving Vegan Gains two community guideline strikes. Anything can happen in a live stream and one thing you say can ruin your whole channel and career.

Why is he hated?

Vegan Gains is hated because people hate vegans. If you eat meat, then you do not want to acknowledge that your food choices are cruel. Every major health organization agrees that a plant-based diet is perfectly adequate for people of all ages. So, if you do not NEED to eat meat, then why are you? Essentially, it’s a choice, but a selfish one. Vegan Gains is right and wrong at the same time. No one is perfect. Vegan Gains bares his soul for the internet and the world. On YouTube, there are so many fake creators who will never reveal who they truly are. YouTube needs a voice like Vegan Gains, but Vegan Gains need to be careful to abide by YouTube’s terms of service or go somewhere else.


How many YouTubers are open to having a discourse with people with who they do not agree? Vegan Gains is open to discussing his beliefs with anyone and that deserves respect. Many people make videos attacking him, but when pressed to have a discussion with him, they refuse. In America and the world, we need more discourse. People shut themselves off from opposing views too often and don’t listen to people with different opinions. Everyone should at least consider Veganism. And by the way, Vegan Gains doesn’t represent veganism. Veganism is about the animals. Vegan Gains is just one vegan person out of millions. People are convinced to go vegan by different things. Vegan Gains has convinced thousands of people to go vegan. Obviously, his tactics and message won’t convince everyone, but it’s just one approach. Some people might be open to someone telling them they are wrong in a loud and aggressive way. Hell, we used to love when Stone Cold scolded us, gave us a stunner, and then drank a beer on top of us or wait, was that the Rock?



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