Drake’s New Album is Certified Lover Boy

Drake’s New Album is Certified Lover Boy

Drake’s New Album

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Certified Lover Boy

What a title? Are you excited about Drake’s new album? Because I’m not. I have never been excited about anything Drake-related. Drake is to hip hop what Imagine Dragons is to rock music. Does Imagine Dragons suck? No. Do they have a few good songs? Sure. The problem with artists like Drake and Imagine Dragons is they lack depth, personality, and SOUL. Drake has no soul or better yet Drake’s music has no soul. Think of all the best artists who have ever made music and they have soul. Drake doesn’t need to have soul because he serves a purpose in the music industry. Drake is marketable. He is good-looking and talented enough to be sold to the masses who don’t care about Tupac-style lyrics.

Industry Plant

Throughout Drake’s career, he has been accused of being an industry plant. It makes sense that people would think that considering Drake’s origins. When someone makes a song called “Started from the bottom”, then you would expect they start from the bottom. No, the bottom isn’t a popular tv show called “Degrassi”. There is a hilarious parody of “Started from the Bottom” by Bart Baker, which does a pretty good job calling Drake out. That is the problem with Drake. Drake is fake.

Drake is Fake

The biggest issue with Drake is that he presents himself as something he is not. Honestly, I am fine with someone playing a character, but Drake wants us to believe that he is everything he claims. The tragedy of Drake’s music is that he is not untalented, but it’s painful to listen to someone who mostly just brags about their wealth, lifestyle, and pretends to come from nothing. Dude, your uncle was the bass player of Sly and the Family Stone. Come on, now! Having one of the most famous bass players, Larry Graham, as an uncle is a leg up in the business. What makes Drake fake? He uses a lot of ghostwriters and covers it up. Drake has created an illusion and doesn’t want to let anyone in on who the real Drake is. Drake has a few good, catchy tunes, but they always make me cringe in some way.

The Story of Adidon

Pusha T absolutely destroyed Drake on the song, “The Story of Adidon”. Pusha T is a great hip-hop artist. I have nothing but love and respect for Pusha T. “The Story of Adidon” was so fierce and relentless that Drake just cowered and ran away from that beef. Why would Drake run away from Pusha T? Because Drake isn’t on that level. He doesn’t belong in rap beefs with legitimate hip-hop voices. I suggest you listen to the track, “The Story of Adidon” if you have never heard it before.

Kanye Beef

The one thing that Drake is not good at is beefs. He lost his beef with Pusha T. He stumbled in his beef with Meek Mill and he loves to go after Kanye. Kanye, at the very least, puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Kanye is Kanye. Kanye isn’t my favorite rapper, but I do have respect for Kanye’s discography of work. I cannot say the same about Drake. Drake is nasally and too obnoxious for my taste and doesn’t deserve to represent hip hop. Yes, he sells more than most hip-hop artists, but drake is essentially smooth jazz. Drake should collaborate with Kenny G.

Cover Art and Merchandise

What in the good name of Jesus is going on with Drake’s merchandise and cover art? The cover art is straight trash. A bunch of pregnant emojis? Why? It just goes to show that money doesn’t buy good taste. Also, his shirts are so tacky. What is up with the saying: “Something other than me has got to give.” Yikes! Maybe, Drake should join an emo band. His vocals are practically emo and then maybe his music would make more sense. Anyways, are you ready for Certified Lover Boy?

Drake's New Album is Certified Lover Boy
Drake’s New Album is Certified Lover Boy

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