Interview with K!JUDO

Interview with K!JUDO

Interview with K!JUDO


K!DJUDO is a laid-back chill rapper from Spokane, Washington. His vibe is low key but his rhymes are soulful and sweet. “Trend $etta” is a nice track with some melodic guitar riffs. The best part is the music is catchy and his voice compliments the beat well. “He needs a bad bitch” and with music like this, he will definitely get one. K!DJUDO knows how to get the crowd hyped and is already building a name for himself. Spokane doesn’t have a musical identity and K!DJUDO is helping to make a name for his city. We reached out to this young talent to get to know more about him and his music. Here is our interview:

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with K!DJUDO

Where are you from?

My name is Kid Judo and I’m an artist based out of Spokane, Washington

How has your city influenced your sound?

My city hasn’t really had its own sound, there is a handful of us local artists who is trying to develop that sound for our city

What instruments do you play?

I played the violin for about seven to eight years, I was quite good at it, I knew I loved music though

What’s your best performance?

my best performance has probably got to be my songs “Trend $etta” and “Don’t fade away”

What is your worst performance?

My worst performance is probably in tracks such as “step inside my dojo” and “bout to f****** blow”

Tell us about your newest single.

My newest single “Bossin” just dropped last night at around 10:30 pm on all platforms, my producer Anthony sent me the beat about two months ago and I wrote to it on the spot instantly recording it, I kept the track vaulted for a while but just now released it to my fans

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I don’t know where I see myself in five years but I do know with the strive and drive that I have, I can see myself anywhere, I don’t see myself quitting nor being lower than where I’m at right now, what I can say is that I’ll be somewhere no one expected me to be.

Does your family support your musical journey?

My family strongly supports my musical journey though I believe they are iffy on it sometimes. They also can be worried about the things I say but it’s art.

Who do you want to collaborate with?

I have plans to collaborate with a few artists, bvck svm, trdee, and a local artist YLC Ethan, future wise I hope to make music with $not and hopefully Lil skies

Any new projects you are working on that you want to share?

I have something in mind for late 2022 but I haven’t put much thought into it, I do have two more tracks followed up with a visualizer coming before October

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