Interview with DJ Memphis 10

Interview with DJ Memphis 10

Interview with DJ Memphis 10

Load Off

Take a load off and get down with DJ Memphis 10. Trap beats and catchy hip hop embodies the essence of DJ Memphis 10. The music video for “Load Off” is well shot and creative. The vocal delivery is stylistically unique and fresh. Everything about DJ Memphis is cool and he is ready to take hip hop to the next level. We were lucky enough to interview DJ Memphis 10 and here is what he had to say to us.

Here is our Interview with DJ Memphis 10

What is your favorite thing about playing music?

Puts me in a good mood. Allowing me to be creative. Being creative I feel like I make amazing things.

What inspired you to make music?

At age 7 I remember playing my first song on a cassette tape in South Memphis and it three 6 mafia and I love the way the beat sound and the way they rap and I wanted make music ever since.

What is your creative process when you write music?

My creative process is just listening to the right beat and see what type of feeling that I get out of that. If I can’t make a song within 1 to 2 minutes then I may change the song but I have to feel it.

Who would you like to make music with/work with?

My ideal musician to collaborate with the “Future” because I like the pain he speaks in his music. It’s like I’m going through the same thing.

What has been the best performance of your career so far?

My favorite performance is when I perform in Tacoma, Washington in front of life 500 people. great night.. I was the best performer that night. It was me and several other artists and I was the most entertaining.


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