Is Lil Nas X Gay

Is Lil Nas X Gay

Is Lil Nas X Gay

Lil Nas X Gay

It is official! We are confirming that Lil Nas X is gay! The news of Lil Nas X being gay shocked the world. People couldn’t believe that a rapper who wears cowboy boots and sings about “Old Town Roads” is gay. Shockingly, Lil Nas X came out on the last day of Pride month. He said that “The universe was signaling him to do so.”

Homophobia in Rap

Rap is a great genre of music. There are many diverse voices and talent in the genre of rap. The problem is many of the leading voices in hip hop are homophobic. It makes sense that a lot of rappers are homophobic because many of them are raised to be Christian. Christianity frowns upon the homosexual lifestyle. Many churches have eased their stances on gay marriages, but the more conservative churches still shun it and will justify homophobia with verses from Leviticus.

Some notable homophobic rappers include DaBaby, TI, Boosie Badazz, the late DMX, and the list goes on. Gay-bashing used to be acceptable and humorous in rap, but changing times have put pressure on artists to censor themselves. In the 90s and early 2000s, Eminem used to constantly bash gay people in his music. Granted, Eminem did it from a satirical standpoint, but many felt the sting of lyrics such as: “Hate f**s, the answer is yes.” Now, when Eminem uses that word, he censors it. In fact, he got some heat when he aimed that word at the bi-sexual rapper, Tyler, the Creator.

Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean

Gay voices in hip hop are not the norm, but some groundbreaking artists are either gay or bi-sexual. The two most notable gay or bi-sexual artists are Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean. Both these artists push boundaries and are some of the most innovative voices in hip hop. It was shocking to many fans when both artists came out, but overall, the majority of people were accepting. In the early era of hip hop, homosexuality was not tolerated. Luckily, we’ve evolved culturally and it is a lot more accepting. Sadly, prejudice still exists and some artists speak out against homosexual artists. Lil Nas X is gay and proud; it’s a beautiful thing.
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Is Lil Nas X Gay

VMAS Lil Nas X Kiss Performance


Boosie Badazz is Homophobic

Is Lil Nas X Gay and is Boosie Badazz Homophobic? The answer is yes to both of those questions. Any chance that Boosie Badazz gets to criticize Lil Nas X, then he takes it. Lil Nas X expresses who he is creatively and honestly, but he also trolls a bit. Controversy helps to drive sales for Lil Nas X and people like Boosie Badazz add gasoline to the fire. Old homophobic voices like Boosie Badazz can’t handle men kissing and it bothers them. It is sad to see all the criticism towards homosexuality.

When someone like Boosie Badazz criticizes Lil Nas X it is clear that it comes from a place of insecurity. Homophobia is still rampant in the hip hop community and Lil Nas X is breaking ground. Hip hop needs Lil Nas X. Lil Nas X helps to normalize homosexuality and that is a good thing. Homosexuality is normal. Lil Nas X is raising awareness through his antics, but he is still raising awareness and exposing homophobia.
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Montero (Call Me By Your Name)

His whole life everyone always told Lil Nas X to go to hell because he was gay. Well, when he made a video where he went to hell people were still offended. If this isn’t genius-level trolling, then I don’t know what is. The marketing for this song was flawless. First, Lil Nas X released a pair of Nike shoes with real blood, which startled people. Then, he released the music video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” Sliding up and down stripper poles with Satan, Lil Nas X is making his presence known and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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