Italian Musician Tano Auriemma

Italian Musician Tano Auriemma

Italian Musician Tano Auriemma


Me Cagnat A Vit

“Me Cagnat A Vit” is a sensual and beautiful song. The groove is laid back and the melody is pretty. Everything about Tano Auriemma screams classy. Nowadays, people think it’s cool to do drugs and exploit women, but Tano takes a different approach. Tano takes a more romantic and uplifting approach with his art. Tano sings from the heart and even if you don’t speak Italian, you will be able to vibe to Tano’s music.


Stasera Scinne

Smooth and soulful with a powerful delivery, Tano doesn’t disappoint on “Stasera Scinne”. The combination of instruments makes a powerful statement, yet Tano makes such relaxing and melodic music. We love how unique and interesting Tano is with his style and approach. American songwriters could take some notes from Tano because he is doing something different and exciting. Cultures need to share ideas. Americans can learn a thing or two from Italian music.





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