Tano Auriemma Interview

Tano Auriemma Interview

Tano Auriemma Interview


Who is Tano Auriemma?

“Me Cagnat A Vit” is a beautiful Italian song that is sweet, slow, and soulful. You don’t have to be an American to appreciate Tano’s music. Tano is a heartfelt, truthful, and honest artist. His music is poetic, romantic, and intriguing. Actually, we came across Tano’s music from a friend and we were blown away. My girlfriend loves Italian music and I showed her Tano’s music. Now, I am worried my girlfriend will leave me for him. I reached out to Tano’s to see if he would do an interview and he agreed.

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with Tano Auriemma

Where are you from?

My name is Gaetano Auriemma – my artist name is Tano – and I m coming from Naples in the south of Italy.

How has your city influenced your sound?

For Neapolitan people, music is “a way to be” intact many songs are made based on people feelings and current life situations.

What do you think of the current state of music?

Today the music is a bit changed, mostly of the people prefer to listen the sound more then understanding the meaning.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

For me, as an artist, the most important thing is “what I’m trying to communicate? What are my feelings? To Who I’m trusting to speak to through my music? Since I was a little I always wanted to be a singer, now, finally I’m reaching my dream and working very hard for the next years to have my own live show inviting all the artists to join me and e joying music together.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

I hope one day I could meet with Robbie Williams which I’m fan of him and why not doing a song together (hahaha).

When did you notice people starting to like your music.

The first time I have been recognised for my voice was around 10 years ago when I was singing one of the most popular Neapolitan song – Cient’anne by Mario Merola and Gigi D’Alessio.

Tell us some bad and good experiences you’ve had while performing.

I can’t remember specifically. As for all the amateur artist, there is always a great and bad performance. Each of us should focus on one genre of music that we made it up for.

How do you plan on standing out from the competition?

Each of us should focus on one genre of music that we made it up for. My most important point is not thinking how good I’m but how I can transmit my sensation to audience when I m singing. I m not focusing on who can sing better but how I can reach people hearth using common words.

Does your family support your journey as an artist?

During this all years, unfortunately my family has never supported me on this project believing it was a waste of time and money – now they are super happy and became my number 1 fan which give me more power and great attitude on what I’m trying to achieve. It’s a great satisfaction proving that behind a dream there is always a person who is working very hard to make a step forward.

Tell us about your newest project.

Very soon I’m realizing my new songs 3-4-5 and there will all be available on YouTube and all digital platforms. Today my second song has reached out over 70K views on YouTube and I’m very happy of this achievement.

Where can we find your music?

You can find me on my personal YouTube channel – TANO AURIEMMA OFFICIAL – and on all digital platform as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music.

What last message do you want to leave people who have never heard of you?

Never stop dreaming and listen to others what you can do and what you cannot. If you don’t reach something, is not an excuse. It was your decision. Have fun, contact me in direct for chatting and talking…share your passion with me!

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