Jerome Arp aka Trench is On

Jerome Arp aka Trench is On

Jerome Arp aka Trench is On

Trench – On

Jerome Arp goes by Trench and he’s On! “On” is a noise rap-rock track that feels like Death Grips meets Transplants. Interestingly, Jerome Arp (Trench) manages to make chaos feel comforting. “On” grabs you by the seat and thrusts you into a real life acid trip. Then, when it’s over, you want to ride again. Jerome Arp (Trench) makes music for people who appreciate avant-garde art, punk rock, and hip hop. There are so many different blends and genres that Trench is constantly reinventing the wheel.

We are huge fans of Jerome Arp (Trench) and what he is doing. Check out “On” but also go follow him on Social Media.

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