Kevin Samuels Gay

Kevin Samuels Gay

Kevin Samuels Gay

Is Kevin Samuels Gay

The short answer is no and the longer answer is no. Kevin Samuels is not gay, yet this question is constant fodder for his detractors. Just because a man is well-dressed and intelligent doesn’t mean he is gay.

Kevin Samuels Wife

Kevin Samuels has been married before and he has stepchildren. The idea of Kevin Samuels being gay is something that gets thrown around to try and discredit him. Even if he was gay, then I don’t see how it is an insult anyways but as we know, many in the hip hop community are not LGBTQ friendly.

Kevin Samuels Wife

Who is Kevin Samuels

Who is Kevin Samuels? Kevin Samuels is an image consultant turned YouTube guru. Kevin Samuels has been grinding on YouTube for years. After years of hard work, his channel now has over 1 million subscribers. Kevin Samuels started his channel by interviewing men about their dating life. Although this garnered some success, Kevin Samuels saw real success when he started interviewing women about their dating life.

Through these interviews, it became pretty evident that many women have unrealistic standards when it comes to dating. Most of the women on his show are overweight, short, have multiple kids, yet feel as if they deserve a millionaire husband with a perfect body. The whole point of the Kevin Samuels show is to bring people down to reality and make them understand that they aren’t as amazing as they think they are.

Is Kevin Samuels Married

No, Kevin Samuels is currently not married but has stated that he is open to marriage. One of the main discussions on his show is encouraging younger women to get married and start their families earlier. Many women want families but wait too long to have children or they have children but with the wrong men. Many of the women on his show are single mothers who are having trouble meeting men because they have children.

Men will still sleep with these women, but most men don’t want the baggage that comes along with having stepchildren. This argument is one of the many reasons why Kevin Samuels’ show is so controversial. He simply states things that a lot of men think but doesn’t say out loud.

Kevin Samuels Exposed

People have been trying to expose Kevin Samuels in order to debunk his arguments. Many women are upset and triggered by some of the things that Kevin Samuels says. Kevin Samuels has been having a lot of celebrities on his show recently because of his rising fame.

Whenever someone becomes as famous as Kevin Samuels then there will be people who have a problem with you. The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy is not a fan of Kevin Samuels for rating women and his conversations with women. Even DJ Envy tries to lower his credibility by saying that Kevin Samuels would promote himself outside of certain businesses.

Kevin Samuels IS NOT Gay

When men dress well, speak well, and take care of themselves there will always be other people who try to say that they’re gay. People are trying to bring Kevin Samuels down any way they can and they try to debunk him based on 30-second clips.

The mainstream media loves to come down on the new age social media influencers who are making a name for themselves in a new medium. The reason why Kevin Samuels is popular is because of his tough discussions. Is Kevin Samuels always right? No! But Kevin Samuels does make some valid arguments. People need to calm down and actually listen before they become so outraged.

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