SaWeetie and Roddy Ricch Dating

SaWeetie and Roddy Ricch Dating

SaWeetie and Roddy Ricch Dating

SaWeetie and Roddy Ricch Dating

Rumors have been speculating about SaWeetie and Roddy Ricch dating because they were both spotted at an LA Lakers game together.

SaWeetie shades Dating Rumors

SaWeetie doesn’t want us to think that she is dating Roddy Ricch even though it might be true. There were rumors swirling after SaWeetie was spotted laughing and having fun with Roddy Ricch at an LA Lakers game this past weekend.

SaWeetie and Quavo

SaWeetie and Quavo used to date and the pair have been broken up for a while now. Quavo was apparently cheating on SaWeetie and that is why she broke up with him. In a statement, SaWeetie says: “I’m single,” she said. “I’ve endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes for a false narrative to be circulating that degrades my character.”

There were also rumors that SaWeetie and Quavo still hang out, so who knows whether or not those rumors are true or not.

Saweetie No Makeup

SaWeetie no makeup is a beautiful thing. SaWeetie doesn’t need makeup because she is beautiful all day and all night. When SaWeetie wakes up she is beautiful and when SaWeetie goes to bed she is also beautiful as well.

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