Killa Dog is Unbreakable

Killa Dog is Unbreakable

Killa Dog is Unbreakable

Forgive Me

Emotional yet powerful, “Forgive Me” is a song about making amends for all the things you’ve had to do in life to get to where you are. We all have a past and Killa Dog embraces his in a touching song about his past.

Killa Dog is a legend. “Still a frown underneath my smile” is a strong line that really hits home that even when you are on top, the pain of your past can still haunt you. Money isn’t everything and some of us have demons we can’t heal so easily from. Killa Dog is able to convey all these emotions in this beautiful song called “Forgive Me”.

Top N***a

Teaming up with Mystro Jones, Killa Dog hits us with another banger. “Top N***a” is a track that reinforces Killa Dog’s prominence in the hip hop scene. Fast rhymes and catchy flows are part of Killa Dog’s resume. “From the drain to the sewer” and now to the top.

“Top N***a” is a straight hype song and something you’d hear out in the club in Atlanta. Well produced and catchy are just the beginning when it comes to “Top N***a”. The fast rhyming clicks with the slowed down beat and then bam, it hits you in the face. Killa Dog is no joke!

We reached out to Killa Dog for an interview and luckily, he agreed.

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with Killa Dog

What city are you from?

Los Angelos, currently making music in Anchorage, Alaska

How has your city influenced your sound?

I rap about the city I came from and my beat selection and flow has a Cali feel to it.

Tell us about your best performance?

My favorite performance was either opening for 2 Chainz or performing at one of the small venues on Spenard Road in Anchorage.

Talk about your latest project.

“Between Life and Death” is a reflection of my real life. I take events from my life and write songs about them to share my story. My album has romance, drama, and street life intertwined into life.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Pushing 60 Years old with a #1 hit. I want to be the Steven Tylar or rap.

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