Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Who hit it first? Ray J? Nick Cannon? Nick Lachey? Honestly, I would have loved seeing a Kim Kardashian sex tape between Kim and Nick Lachey. Actually, a Kim and Kanye sex tape would be pretty interesting. I wonder if he is as vain when he’s making love? Kanye: “Say my name, Kim”
Kim: “Oh, yeah, Kanye”
Kanye: “It’s Ye now, bitch!”

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

The elite A-list pairing of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian became tabloid fodder for years. Even today after their breakup, the press is always teasing about a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reunion. Anything that Kim Kardashian does is publicized. She took notes from Paris Hilton and then transcended to elite God-like status.

Kim Kardashian FULL Sex Tape

When perusing the web, it is hard to find a full version of the Kim Kardashian sex tape. You will mostly find videos of her giving head to Ray-J. Ray-J is a lucky man. He got to have unprotected sex with Kim Kardashian when she was at her most beautiful. The Kim Kardashian Sex tape launched the Kardashian and Jenner empire.

Who Leaked the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Many people believe that Kim Kardashian leaked her own sex tape and it is completely possible. In 2007, Kim Kardashian was a nobody. When that sex tape came out, she then became a household name. From that sex tape, an empire was launched.

Keeping up with the Kardashians

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” started on October 14, 2007. Was “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” a revolutionary show? Yes and no. Yes, because it launched an over-decade-long family empire that helped to shape the pop culture landscape. No, because reality TV had been done before and done better. I’d rather watch Ozzy Osbourne mumble and fall any day over having to hear the nasal drones of all the Kardashians and Jenners.

Kim Kardashian Pussy

Every week and every day, there are thousands upon thousands of searches for Kim Kardashian’s pussy. Everyone has become obsessed with the Kardashians and people still want to see Kim Kardashian’s pussy, tits, ass, and blow job-giving abilities. Paris Hilton must be jealous because “One Night in Paris” isn’t as popular as the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J

Ray J doesn’t get enough credit for helping to launch the Kardashian brand. Now, Ray J is irrelevant and the only time we ever hear about him is when he’s bringing up Kim’s name for some clout. Still, Ray J holds a special place in pop culture history. If it wasn’t for Ray J deciding to film Kim Kardashian giving him head, then who knows if Kim Kardashian would even be famous? She probably would have just found another rapper or basketball player to leak a sex tape with.

Ray J Hit it First

“She may move on to rappers and ballplayers, but I hit it first” Way to stay classy, Ray J. Imagine that your success is defined by who you had sex with. Why is Bobby Brackins in this song? Did Bobby Brackins film Ray J when Ray J was hitting it first? Jesus, what a tacky song. Although, it still makes me laugh. Ray J wants his credit for helping to pioneer the Kardashian brand. Okay, Ray J, here is your credit. By the way, Brandy for life!

Kim Kardashian Meme

At this point, Kim Kardashian is a meme. The Kim Kardashian sex tape helped to turn her into a meme. Her facial expression, annoying catchphrases, and moans, and then marrying Kanye West have solidified Kim Kardashian as the 21st-century celebrity meme. When people ask what is Kim Kardashian famous for, then the answer is simple: being a meme. Kim Kardashian is a meme and an icon. For girls aspiring to be great, then look no further than Kim Kardashian. Model yourself after her and you’ll soon be seeing stars.

Kim Kardashian Break the Internet

Kim Kardashian will continue to break the internet. People are fascinated with Kim and her antics. When she posts a booty pic, it goes viral. When she meets with the president, it goes viral. When she decides to go to college, it goes viral. Kim Kardashian is a savvy marketing and business genius. People think of Kim Kardashian as a moron, but she isn’t. She is a meme who helped to transcend herself into an icon. Even though we all laugh at her antics, we are helping her to add more millions to her bank account. We may all be laughing at her sometimes, but she is laughing her ass off to the bank.

For more information about Kim Kardashian, here is her Wikipedia page

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