Lette Weaver Interview

Lette Weaver Interview

Lette Weaver Interview

Hold It In

“Hold It In” is a soulful R&B song with elements of hip hop like trap beats and a poetic flow. Lette Weaver has a unique way of approaching music and combining multiple popular elements with an older style. The combination makes for the perfect new wave of music that will get people truly excited.

When you know how to make music, then why “Hold it In”? In fact, Lette Weaver lets out all of her emotion in this track whether it’s through the keys or from her soulful and hypnotic voice. Lette Weaver is an artist that is making powerful music and that is why Lette Weaver is starting to blow up, especially on Instagram.

Lette Weaver

Letter Weaver is a proud Atlanta native and the music that Lette makes represents that area quite well. “Toxic” is a perfect example of a song that everyone can relate to because, in 2022, what relationship isn’t toxic?

Modern dating has become catastrophic and tragic, to say the least, but Lette has a way of describing and conveying strong emotions that anyone can relate to. Even though Lette Weaver’s style is more R&B based there is an obvious hip hop influence and some of Lette’s inspirations are Gucci Mane, Ludacris, and T.I. Luckily, we were able to interview this enormous talent and here is our interview with Lette Weaver:


Rock the Hip Hop Lette Weaver Interview

Where are you from?

I’m from Atlanta, Ga. The “REAL” Atlanta. Westside, Bankhead.. right off baker rd!!

How has your city influenced your sound?

Atlanta influences everything. We partying like rockstars with blockheads in a crisp white tee singing “ima stoner” in front of the bando ya feel me? Lol Nah but seriously like Andre 3000 said, “The south got something to say.” With the storytelling skills from OutKast, the intelligence of T.I., a comedic flow from Ludacris, a consistent flow from Gucci Mane, cultural influences from crime mob, dem franchise boyz, and many many more artists that when you heard their music, you knew from the accent they were from Atlanta. It all began in Atlanta.

What instruments do you play?

Vocals.. pause lol! My voice is a MUSICAL instrument people lol. I grew up playing the trombone, and cello, but I do not play anymore. I’ll mess around with a keyboard but my focus has been on delivering good sounding performances.

What’s your best performance?

My best performance, in my opinion, was @teadreamcloset pop-up shop in Houston. The people were so cool I felt like I was performing for people I’ve been knowing my whole life. I wasn’t nervous and the vibe was right. It was the first time I felt I suppose to be entertaining people through music.

What is your worst performance?

Probably my second performance. I’m always nervous and the first few times those nerves took over. It worked well during my first performance, but I tried to repeat what I did and no one laughed, which made me more nervous, then the DJ didn’t hear me say PLAY THE MUSIC lol, then the mic was giving feedback. I tried to play it off but I’m sure my facial expressions told it all lol. I was so ashamed.

Tell us about your newest single.

My newest single ‘Toxic’ is pretty much me focusing on the vitality of being able to admit my own truths when it comes to women and relationships. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s most definitely toxic. BizzieMade out in Atlanta produced the track for me. With me being out in Texas, he did the cook-up over zoom, real-time! I rapped a lil melody for him and he created magic. The melody at the time isn’t the exact melody you hear in the song, I tweaked things a bit.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself as a successful music artist, having the credibility to create paths for other up-and-coming artists.

Does your family support your musical journey?

They support everything I do. Music was one of the first things anyone has ever known me to do. It was never, why you doing that, or you need to be doing something else. Hell, my ma was the one who used to go buy me mics, speakers, and headphones from Walmart growing up lol.

Who do you want to collaborate with?

I have a few artists in mind but most def Kevin Gates and Lil Wayne. They could just hum on the track and I’d be satisfied lol.

Any new projects you are working on that you want to share?

I am currently putting together an EP. Not sure of a name yet but I want to create 5-6 songs that will give an overall picture of my ability as a music artist while expanding those creative limits I’ve placed on myself out of fear.

Follow Lette Weaver on Social Media

Instagram: https://www.Instagram.com/lettemebang

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/lette-weaver/1568548613

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHS5AOQPF6FiG85wHPkudiQ



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