Lucha Libre Legend

Lucha Libre Legend

Lucha Libre Legend

Lucha Libre

What is a Lucha Libre? A Lucha Libre is a Mexican wrestler who specializes in impressive high flying maneuvers while wearing colorful masks. During the 90s, Lucha Libre exploded in popularity. WCW started to introduce Lucha Libre wrestlers and they became legends.

$urferr Gold sports a mask during many music videos and his impressive flow mimics the moves of Lucha Libre wrestlers. It is also why $urferr Gold decided to name his first project of 2021, “Lucha Libre”. The cover art for his newest album is intriguing. The coolest part of the album cover is that it really highlights his name and captures the mystique of $urferr Gold. $urferr Gold’s newest project will drop on June 6, 2021.

Devil Son

“Devil Son” is one of $urferr Gold’s newest songs and it’s fire. $urferr is taking a bold approach with this song that is bound to ruffle a few feathers. The music video is dark and this song is impactful. Emotional doesn’t even begin to describe how deep “Devil Son” truly is.

$urferr Gold

Some of $urferr Gold’s influences are Kurt Cobain, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Phil Collins, Juice Wrld, Kid Cudi, Drake , XXXtentacion. All these different styles of music really help to create a unique sound.

Dedication and hard work helped to create $urferr Gold’s new project. He was so committed to the concept of Mexican wrestling that he actually recorded his newest project in Mexico. “Lucha Libre” will drop very soon and it will change the world. Guaranteed! Also, don’t forget to mark your calendar for June 6, 2021 because that is when $urferr Gold’s newest project drops.

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