Jayden Premo is TipTOP!

Jayden Premo is TipTOP!

Jayden Premo is TipTOP!

Jayden Premo knows how to rap fast and his game is “TipTop!”. When you think of Canada, what comes to mind? Rap? Not really, but Jayden Premo is about to change that stereotype. Canadians can rap just as good as Americans and Jayden Premo proves just that. In life, we all must grind hard and no one grinds harder than Jayden Premo. He’s been killing the rap game since 2011.


The beat is mostly 808 drums that hit you from all angles. The drums are complimented by a simple keyboard riff that compliments Jayden Premo’s flow. Jayden raps very fast, so the slower keyboard riff helps to really punctuate his flow. In fact, if the drums were a bit slower, this song would remind me of some modern deep house electronic music. It is really cool to see some electronic influence on a hip hop song. Jayden premo delivers on this one and it’s an absolute banger. Make sure you stream his newest song and follow Jayden Premo on social media.

Jayden Premo
Jayden Premo

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