Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson Accusations

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson Accusations

Marilyn Manson Accusations

Marilyn Manson is being accused of some pretty nasty stuff by Evan Rachel Wood. When people think Marilyn Manson, most people think Columbine or shock rocker. As a musician, his bread and butter has always been controversy. Usually, Manson would thrive from controversy, but not this time.

Marilyn Manson accusations
Marilyn Manson accusations

Me Too Movement

The era of the rock star is dead. Throughout musical history, most musicians would get away with murder. Sometimes, yes, literally murder. Look up the story behind Vince Neil’s car accident. Anyways, that won’t fly in 2021.

The #MeToo movement has changed everything. In some ways, this is great. Men should be held accountable for rape. No woman deserves to be raped. Criminal charges should be filed against guilty people. However, the problem is there is no trial. Once a woman makes an accusation, then your life is ruined.

Marilyn Manson Accusations

Marilyn Manson has been accused by several women of horrific abuse. The abuse varies. It seems that Marilyn Manson has violent fantasies that he likes to act out, but not violently. Most of the accusers claim he is very verbally abusive and psychologically abusive. Manson has not been accused of rape.

Evan Rachel Wood seemingly knows that the behavior she describes is unethical, yet it is not illegal. To try and convict Manson, Wood is claiming that Manson groomed her as a child. Now, she has to prove this to be the case. Also, she needs evidence. Even without evidence or proof, his career is over. Is it fair to end someone’s career over accusations?


Is Marilyn Manson Guilty?

In the court of public opinion, Marilyn Manson is done. At least, for the moment. We will have to see how this process plays out. Right now, Manson has been dropped by his label, manager, and has been cut from upcoming shows.

In the era of #MeToo, it doesn’t matter if you are guilty. Once a woman makes an accusation, then you are done for. Your career will take a major hit, and you will lose almost everything. This gives women a lot of power in today’s crazy world. How many of your favorite actors or musicians have been cancelled?

Other Accusations Against Marilyn Manson

Unfortunately, there were more than one woman who have claimed they have been abused by Marilyn Manson. Most of the abuse seems like mental abuse. It doesn’t seem like Manson was physically abusive. That is not my place to say for sure, but I’m going based off the evidence.

The same thing recently happened to the actor Armie Hammer. Both men have sadomasochistic erotic fantasies that they like to imagine. It doesn’t mean they act out the abuse that they fantasize about. In today’s world, that is enough to destroy your career. This is not to say that Manson or Hammer are innocent. Any evidence that is gathered should be used against them in a court of law. We shouldn’t cancel people before we know the truth.

Can Marilyn Manson Rebound?

After this whole scenario plays out, there MIGHT be a chance for a come back. A comeback depends on our cultural environment. It doesn’t seem likely at the moment. Manson has maintained his innocence in a statement that he posted to Instagram.

Marilyn Manson Statement
Marilyn Manson Statement


In my opinion, Marilyn Manson has to go independent. He has enough money to put his music out himself and do everything independently. Venues will book Manson because people will still buy tickets. There are many artists who are successful as independent artists. Take a look at, Tom MacDonald. In order for Manson to get back to touring, he will have to tour independently. At first, he may have to play smaller venues. I don’t know if this is the route he will take, or if Manson will just retire. At this point, Marilyn Manson has made enough money to retire.


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